Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What they say is true

I've come back to this little blog a few times over the course of this year. It's been fun to look back. See in just a few short months another school year will finish up and I will start preparing for the next. The next just about blows my mind. I'll have one starting high school, another will have his first year in middle school, another will start her last year of elementary school and the baby- that baby will be starting Kindergarten. Suddenly the years of giving birth, sleepless nights, runny noses, endless why questions, temper tantrums, it'll all be behind me. Ok temper tantrums just change it's form. I was reminiscing with Chris today and we figured that from now till when our baby is 18 is a shorter amount of time then what we've been married. What?! How in the world can that be?!

So weary young mom don't lose heart. Fight for joy. Soak in that smell of a fresh clean little baby head, take deep breathes through the mess of a house, and just do what you can to survive and love those little faces cause one day you too will see that what they say is true. Time just keeps on moving by. Sometimes slower then we'd like, other times faster but once you're out of the slower you look back and think- wow, that really, truely, did fly by. And I gotta say, for as crazy busy as it is, I'm absolutely loving this new season with my kids.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

School year finished!

Well if you check the date of my last post, September 2013, it's been about a year. And I'd say it's been about that long to process sending two of my kids to a charter school versus our prior six years of homeschooling. I know right?! Glad you aren't me! If there's anything I've learned over my 35 years of life is that it takes me a LONG time to process. So sad really. I feel even more pity for my husband. However, as I try to get quicker and more knowledgable at rehearsing and preaching the Gospel to myself, my processing time speeds up. This year was just a new way and a new opportunity to learn how to do that.

It's been so good for my soul! My righteousness is in Christ alone. So freeing! I am just as loved this year handing my beautiful children over to capable teachers for a few hours during the week, as I was last year when I chose to keep them home!

This year was incredible. I was blown away in every aspect by the quality of teachers at this school, the curriculum choices, and most importantly the growth I saw in Trevor & Rylee. I can now appreciate why there are thousands of kids on the wait list for this charter school. That doesn't include other locations for this charter school! Trevor and Rylee LOVED school. Like, never once did they ask to not go, can we please stay home, type of love for school. Their love for learning increased. They grew in responsibility and character. This year was truly sent from God.

Both Trevor and Rylee ended up with sweet christian teachers. Trevor go so attached to his teacher that he invited/begged her to visit our church. To which she came, twice. She has since moved to Texas to help get this same charter school started there. She confided in me that Trevor was one of her favorites to have in class. My SON, MY SON, a teacher's favorite. He was a leader in all positive aspects of the word this year. He took his studies VERY seriously. Studying late into the night and waking early in the morning to put forth extra effort. Not because he had to but because he wanted to. WHAT?! The kid I could barely get out of bed for school is dressed, ready, homework done, often a 30 minutes before it's time to leave. Crazy. I tell you this teacher was a gift to me and to Trevor. We are blessed that this school looks at the child as a whole person. One observation she had for Trevor was his need to grow in humility. Not really a new category for him ;) However he totally took her observation to heart and asked to pray and do a bible study with Chris on what humility looks like. Trev still has a way to go but there is growth!

Rylee had a precious teacher. She was just perfect for her. Rylee excelled too academically. I was nervous because her birthday falls right at the cutoff. Something that never matters when it comes to homeschooling. I was encouraged to see her keep pace and even excel in class. She is a eager learner and she too loved school! Rylee joined a choir club this year! The specials at this school are incredible. They are singing in latin, german, impressive harmonies! Really much to be grateful for. Rylee made a special friend this year in class and her family has become special to ours. They have also been attending Grace! Her mom is seriously talented in many realms. One being cake making! A cake is in the works for Rylee that I will post.

Taylor and I had a great year at home. She joined a High School British literature class with some friends from church and rocked it as a 6th grader. She started a Latin skype class too! Her acting abilities were put to the challenge when she was given, not one, but two leads this spring! She is pretty much amazing. We are waiting to see what the Lord has in store for her this year. She is currently #4 on the wait list for the school Trevor and Rylee go to. We could get called any day or well, we will just have another awesome year here at home. I selfishly want her at home with me. I want her to never leave me. If she gets married I'll build a little house, or I'll move to the little house and they can live with us. Just kidding. Sort of.

Then there's Lexie. Oh Lexie. Such a sweet, talkative thing. I've learned that I pretty much can't go anywhere "unpresentable". Yes I do that. Often. Don't judge. Not so much anymore. She strikes up conversations everywhere we go. Everywhere. She's such a cute little thing and impresses us with her ability for language and to make friends.

So here's my "insta" photo's. If I were to get my hard drive out to post photo's from my "real" camera this post will never happen. Pathetic.

Pick up time was my favorite part of the day!
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The only day they could be out of uniform :) Dress up as your favorite classic character from a book day. Rylee is Charlotte from Charlotte's Web and Trevor is Peter from Chronicles of Narnia. Or maybe Edward. I forget :)
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Field Trip Days:

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Trevor's teacher/Miracle Worker
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Trevor's class encouraged the students to fill out virtue cards for one another. Trevor came home with like 50+. Back to the humility thing right...
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Rylee knocked her two front teeth in half this year. Note to self if you see your child trying to jump rope with a sheet and you think to yourself that's not smart. Say it immediately. Don't even think it. I was to late :( Her sweet friend I mentioned brought over the most beautiful roses the next day to say she missed her at school.

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Taylor as two leads :)
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An award she won!

Taylor basically helps to keep me sane. God knew she needed to be home this year to make me laugh or maybe someone to laugh at me. Regardless it was helpful :) Here's a little text preview I'm the one in blue...

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And Lex.
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Oh and here's a picture of the cake my friend made for Trevor. Insane. Even more insane is her neighbor's son works at the Bears Stadium and was able to get a signed mini helmet from Brandon Marshall for the top of the cake! WHAT?!?!

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See it's good to look back. I did it. God's grace was all over this year. It was there when I was on the floor crying for days cause I sent my kids off to school and felt like a failure. It was there through friends and a husband who kept pointing me back to Christ through all my struggles! It was there through broken teeth getting fixed. It was there while Grace Church grew and worked hard at ministry... this year without our worship leader. Meaning Chris lead worship and preached nearly every Sunday. Glad to have you back Bischof's! God's hand was all over the place and I'm grateful. Very grateful.

I finished a blog post.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A "New" Kind of First Day of School

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This year we had a very different type of “first day” of school. Trevor & Rylee ventured out into the big wide world of school outside the home for the first time!! EEK!! I cried like a baby with all the kindergarten moms! I cried all summer, I cried the first two weeks of school. Lots of tears. Not for them though... they were like "bye mom! See ya later! This is the best day of my life!!"

So, Tara did you not like homeschooling? Nope loved it. Made me a tad bit crazy but I’ve always teetered on the crazy side anyway. I loved having them home, loved seeing them learn, loved being the one to see light bulbs going off, loved watching them play together as siblings, loved learning alongside them, loved bringing God into all subjects. We joined a formal co-op called Classical Conversations last year that I thoroughly enjoyed. Taylor became "memory master" and the other two enjoyed their day at “school”. It made our year in many ways and I had every intention of continuing.

So why change? Well largely due to this school. In the state of AZ we are blessed with some pretty incredible charter school options and there is one that we’ve had our eyes on for a few years. It’s never been close enough to consider though. All that changed this year as they planned to open one a few miles from our house. We put the kids on the lottery list to see what would happen and somehow both Trev & Ry got in. All with no sibling preference. It’s a classical, hard-core academic, literature based charter school. It attracts awesome families and the kids that graduate from there are some of the brightest, well-rounded, respectable kids you will see in the state. Much like what I would say about homeschool families. It’s not for everyone. Not every kid can hang. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have made it a year through the academic rigor ;) But from what we knew it was worth giving it a try. Some friends of ours have tried for three years to get in and their child is still number one hundred and something on the wait list… so it’s not exactly a opportunity you pass up without some serious consideration. Chris felt strongly that we should give it a try. His thought process goes a little something like this. Love the philosophy behind school. Support the curriculum. We try it. It doesn't work they come back home. BAM! Done. Decision made. If only it was so simple for me...

But he was right and of all years to give it a try, this was a great year. All you have to do is follow me on instagram to see the terror my sweet little lex brings to my house on a almost daily basis. I keep trying to remind her she is the FOURTH child and to chill out and be a good little birth order girl and just sit on her mama’s lap contentedly. But no, she thinks it’s funny to remind me I'm not 20 anymore and give me a run for my money. Add in homeschooling three different grade levels and well… yeah, I almost didn’t make it through last year. Yesterday it was gum. She climbed onto the counter to get into my purse. Chewed a couple of pieces then spit it out into her hair. Nice and stuck. After a few ice cubes I just grabbed the scissors and said what’s a few strands in this head of hair? Today it was her climbing on the counter to get those said pair of scissors so she could try cutting her own hair. Add in giving up naps, transitioning to a toddler bed and I’d say heck ya lets give this school a try this year!

One month in and all I can say is wow. They are thriving. The fruit I am seeing is incredible, the excitement for learning, the love for the classic books, the Italian opera songs they are learning in music class and the spanish they are picking up in their spanish immersion class. There is not a day that goes by where I don't pick them up and they get in the car giddy, talking all over each other, trying to share what new thing they learned. I think I've been thanked somewhere in the hundreds for getting them into this school. I keep wanting to say, "Come on I wasn't THAT bad was I?" We are blessed to have Christian teachers for both kids. One was even homeschooled through a good portion of elementary school and reached out to me that first week of school knowing it would be an adjustment. She assured me that she would take good care and look out for my children when they were there! That was a gift from God. That day in particular was hard for me. Trevor’s teacher has e-mailed me saying how his behavior is “exemplary”, he is a strong leader in class, he is responsible and a bright light in her day! I resisted the urge to ask her if she had the right parent! Just kidding. Sort of. We went to an open house night and in Trevor's class there is a virtue board. Kids can write cards where they see certain virtues displayed in their classmates. I think of the 10-12 cards Trevor's name was on 8 of them. Needless to say the kid who put every effort in figuring out excuses why he couldn't do school that day is now up at 6am on a Saturday working on a science project adding in a extra sheet of research so he can get extra credit. Um, ok.

Taylor and I are thoroughly enjoying our time together at home. She was pushed to the wayside last year and asked to be “more challenged” this year. I added in pre-algebra, a formal Latin class, as well as a Brit/lit composition co-op class and I’m thinking she won’t asked to be challenged again ;) No our times are sweet together. She is my motivated, self-learner and though she desires to give this school a try, the wait list has said otherwise. I'm grateful to have her home!

Maybe one day I will attempt to write and share something to the effect of “how to rid yourself of guilt when putting your kids in school” or “how to make it through another identity crisis”. This whole decision really shook me. Left me wondering how much of the gospel is really functioning in my life. I’m grateful for the shaking and grateful for the friends, who still homeschool, that stood by me through it all, speaking the truth to me.

Homeschooling doesn’t save our kids. Christ's death on the cross saves our kids. Homeschooling doesn't make me or my kids righteous. Christ's righteousness imputed to us makes us righteous. I still want my kids to see Jesus above all else! It’s just that this year we think that Trev & Ry will better see Jesus by attending this school. Someone asked me today… but do you feel like you never see them? It’s valid. I was concerned about that myself. But honestly with every Wednesday being a half day and practically 2-3 Fridays a month they get out at noon, lunch at home, I feel like I see them more. When they are home they get ALL of mommy. Not tired or going crazy mom. We spend more focused times together then before. I cherish each moment with them!! Our devotions together are still consistent and now we have the opportunity to be praying for new people that they are coming into contact with!

I know that this is not the normal school and that our experience in it may not even be normal, but I am so incredibly grateful for God’s goodness to us in it this year. That’s our year. One year at a time, one kid at a time. However God leads.

Hallelujah for uniforms. Love it, love them.

Friday, July 05, 2013

On My Way- EP Chris & Tara

Hello everyone!! I'm sitting here anxiously watching this...

Yep waiting for that little plane to land. As I wait I have something I'm excited to share! After 13+ yrs of singing and writing with my husband we FINALLY have something to put up online of our music and say, "Here! Listen and check this out!" Our friend Dale offered his studio and time as a birthday present for my husband and I am now there forever, family photographer. :) We titled the EP On My Way. Since Chris and Taylor can say "I'm on my way to Africa" it's fitting.

First track is:

On My Way- Our friends Jason (electric), Mark (cello) and Andy (drums) do such a wonderful job adding to Chris and I's guitar/piano tracks. In hindsight we kind of wish we would've played it a little faster but it gets there in the bridge section. It's a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. Lexie walks around sing/saying "On My Way"

Not Ours To Keep- Features Taylor! I started writing this song after reading Kisses from Katie. A outstanding and inspiring book! Taylor read it as well and wrote the second verse to this song. She did a great job singing lead on this song! It almost didn't make it on the album as we were running out of time. You should know she did her vocal at 11:30pm in about one take. That's not easy for an adult, trust me I know, let alone a 11yr old! Good job Tay!

Look Up- I wrote this last spring in thinking about my mom. I actually wrote it about a week before she went in the hospital and almost died. It was looking like their house that they bought (two doors down) was going to fall through and I was despairing in the waiting. Little did I know that God would use this song over and over again to keep reminding me to "look up" and remember his goodness as I would wait to see if she would live or die. Kind of what I'm having to do now as I wait for Chris & Tay to land, minister, and return. I am so honored to have Mark (cello) play on this song too. He did a fabulous job and really makes it!

So I invite you to download this music FOR FREE. Just take the tip button and scroll it all the way down to 0! Put in your e-mail. They in return give it to me so I can contact you with future music we post. Then you'll get a activation code to download and you are done. That's it! If you however want to tip, awesome! Thanks! All funds go towards paying for this trip. But honestly we are just honored if you'd download and give it a listen it's only taken us 13 years to do something like this. Pretty please. Now. Seeing how many downloads we have gives me something to obsess about other then watching a plane fly on my computer over the Mediterranean Sea :)

Chris & Tara Artist Page

or go directly to the EP


Friday, May 31, 2013

Uganda or Bust

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So most of you, if not all, have heard that Chris & Taylor have the opportunity to go to Uganda this summer. Two whole weeks!! Which means I'll be without BOTH my helpers for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. When? In JULY. The month I want to pack up everything and move to anywhere but PHX, preferable CA or just spend thousand of dollars and put my kids in all sorts of camps so they'll stop driving me crazy. Of course that requires me to get into my 130 degree car so I'm back to moving. Needless to say I can't guarantee I won't have moved to a house on a beach, or put a second mortgage on my house and built a pool in my backyard with water slides when they return. BUT I can say, in all honesty, it was me pushing them to go. I was the first resounding, YES, you have to go and you have to take Taylor, when Chris first presented me with the opportunity. I. am. so. excited. for them! Below you can find our "support" letter which at this point has only been seen on Facebook and people in their amazing generosity are already giving to the fund!

We have a super easy way to donate coming up in about a week that hopefully some of you will love and get on board with! But even if you want to donate today you will still get that super awesome thing I'm talking about. Stay tuned!

Uganda was once famously described as 'the pearl of Africa' for its beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, many people live in absolute poverty. Dirt floors and mud soup are not uncommon in the slums and rural village areas. This is something that we may know in our heads, but it's really hard to fathom as prosperous Americans. As we've begun reading about Uganda, it's opened up our hearts to see the deep physical and spiritual needs of these people.

We've recently been connected with a ministry called Project Nanzala. The goal of this program is to reach out to children in the slums and rural areas who are unable to attend the public school systems due to lack of funds and supplies. These children are stuck in their desperate situations without hope of self-improvement through education because they can't afford it. The Uganda public school system itself is underfunded and supplies in the classroom are slim to none. The teachers have a good heart for the kids but are often untrained in how to run a classroom or effectively teach. This is where Project Nanzala comes in with a three-fold effort.

The first effort of Project Nanzala will be to provide those children without means of their own supplies and cost to attend school. This includes giving them books, paper, pens, and a pack to put their supplies in. It also includes the school uniform that must be worn by all the students. Incredibly, this can be achieved for approximately $10 per child per month.

The second effort of Project Nanzala will be to transform the public school system into one which is an environment that is equipped in all facets of education. Teachers will be trained to effectively put lesson plans together and conduct class in efficient and productive ways. Schools will be repaired and rebuilt. Classrooms will be equipped with blackboards and desks. It is often the simple things these schools are lacking that we take for granted in the States.

The third and most important effort of Project Nanzala is to share the gospel with the people of Uganda through the ministry and relationship we create through revitalizing their school system. Uganda is very open to Christian values and principles taught in their school system. Chris and Taylor have an opportunity to dramatically affect the future of this nation through the Word of God. We all could not be more excited!

Their plan is to travel to Uganda for two weeks in the summer to press forward these goals. They will be running a teachers conference where teachers from the states will be giving tools of success to the village teachers in Uganda. They will help repair a school building and meet with some of the children who have been enabled through Project Nanzala to attend school and given hope.

They will also be running a Vacation Bible School program for many of the children in the local villages. They need prayer in planning and executing this event as it can be a powerful tool for sharing the gospel with the young children as well as teaching them the solid principles of discipline, hard work, and relationship building. As a pastor, Chris will have unique opportunities to work with and train some of the local pastors, thereby strengthening their ministries. He's already planning to preach twice in the Uganda churches during the trip!

Taylor has had a heart for mission work every since she was introduced to World Vision in 2011. When she heard about the opportunity to go to Uganda, she was scared but also excited to join the team. She wants to help change lives, especially the children in Uganda. She is going to be serving in the VBS by acting in the morning skit and I am so pumped! She is also going to be working with many of the children, helping with music, Bible, crafts, and games.

We are asking for partners to invest in these goals. Here's how you can help:

Pray – Apart from prayer, Chris and Taylor's efforts will have minimal long-term effect. Please pray for their health, for their travel, for the finances, and for the ministry in Uganda. Also, pray that God continues to break our hearts for the Uganda people.

Give – We need to raise almost $7000 to cover the expenses of the trip, along with money to support the VBS initiative. We can't fund this all on our own, though we would if we could! We would be grateful for any amount of investment.

To give:
Please go to this link and select Mission Fund or mail gifts to 7825 W Deer Valley Rd, Peoria, AZ 85382. Please make any checks out to Grace Church with Mission Fund in the memo line. All giving is tax-deductible.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I don't care what you think of me! Or do I?



There I said it. It’s not true though. I want it to be. No offense. I just wish one day I could scream it out at the top of my lungs and be free from the self imposed pressure I put on myself to live up to some unrealistic fantasy in my head.

About two summers ago I did something crazy. Like capital “C” crazy! Chris had been “suggesting” about how cute he thought nose rings were and how he, you know, thought one would look super attractive on my little nose. We just happened to have an anniversary coming up and it seemed like such a fun thing to do. Spice things up a little after 11 years. And well I too thought they were cute on others. Like my super hot sister-in-law Danae.

Off I went with my new bff, Jamaila. Gosh how have I not blogged about Jamaila?!?! She was from Dubai and lived with us for a summer and was basically God’s gift to me wrapped up in a, “little sister I never had” perfect package. Got engaged while living here and is now a happy wife to James. Chris would come home from working into the night and find us on the floor dying of laughter. Here she is in one of the engagement photo's I took for them. She's gorgeous. James is ok. He kind of ruined my life when he had to marry her and she couldn't live with me anymore ;)

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Back to my story, she and I, already close in friendship, decided to take the plunge and join the nose ring community together. Can’t say I enjoyed getting THAT done. But it was a memory and Chris loved it on me as soon as we got home.

I woke up the next morning and thought…. No? Did I really? I felt sick to my stomach. Call it nose ring regret. Now it’s just a teeny tiny dot. A, ever so small, sparkle. But in my messed up mind it might as well covered my entire face, and been bright orange with black polka dots. When I looked in the mirror, there it was screaming at me.

I was convinced that it was the first thing people saw when they looked at me and instantly categorized me as apart of “that" group. I’m not sure exactly what "that" group is. I had never judged people up to that point who had nose rings. Like I said I thought they were super cute. But now I was apart of the rebel without a cause group, the “different” group. In my mind I had just entered into “that” part of society with one swift decision. How could I? I’m a pastor’s wife for goodness sake!!! A homeschool mom! What if people don’t come back to our church because of my nose ring?!?! I have issues I know.

Chris saw my agony. Granted he didn’t have much of a choice as I’m off sobbing in a corner. He gave me an out:

“Babe, take it out if you don’t like it. Don’t keep it in for me!”

"However," he said in all his wisdom, "it seems like God is doing something in you. Breaking you of some sort of legalism you’re holding on to. You might want to keep it in just to let some of this stuff get worked out in your heart."

He was right. He usually is. I should know that after 13 yrs. Because the truth is I just want people to like me and accept me and think I’m great. But I’m not great. I’m not perfect. I fail miserable at all my attempts to appear perfect. I’m not pinterest worthy or quote worthy. So the nose ring stays in. I hardly even notice it these days but when I do I say to myself, you are secure in Christ. Nothing can shake or take away your inheritance in Him. When God looks at me he doesn’t see a nose ring but his fully loved and justified by the blood of Christ child. It helps me care less about others opinions and live in freedom and being the slow learner I am, the nose ring will probably follow me to my grave.

*Now is Jamaila's still in you ask? Nope. She showed up at my house a year later as I was like "WHAT THE HECK!?!? Where did it go?!?" That's ok J- I still love you :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Chicken Ever

Seriously I just can't hold on to this amazing recipe anymore. I have to share. Of course now everyone will know how easy it is and that I didn't really slave for hours of this delectable dish. But that's ok. For the good of mankind I will share.

Lime Salsa Chicken

(adapted from pip & ebby)

Juice from one lime
1/4 Cup Cilantro
1.25 oz package of taco seasoning (or make your own so there's no MSG which is what I do. super easy!)
2 jalapeno peppers finely chopped (optional- haven't done this yet)
3 lbs boneless chicken breasts or thighs
1 Chopped Red Pepper
1/2 Onion chopped

Now you can throw all this in a bag and freeze till your ready or throw it directly in the crockpot. Since I seem to be living a day at a time with meals as of late I do the later.

Mix in a slow cooker and add one 24 oz jar of salsa. I use a pineapple mango salsa but whatever floats your boat works too!

Cook on high for 3-4 hrs or low for 6-8.

Shred in crockpot and serve in tortillas or over rice. Add some guacamole, sour cream and pour yourself a nice glass of margarita, if your over 21 that is. Then invite all your friends over and listen to them rave.

Sorry no picture. It's so good it doesn't need a picture. Your welcome.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Climb


Today I made a choice to get my tired self out of bed early. Actually it was the sun shining into my poorly covered bedroom at 5:45am that left me with two options. Continue to lay there wishing it was still dark or start the day with a bang. I choose the bang. However after a few attempts at finding everything I needed to hike, I gave up and got back in bed. Great bang Tara. My attempts to fall back asleep fail. I hear our dog bark. On my way down the stairs I find the piece of what I'm missing for my hike. Settle the dog and off I go.

I started with a steep climb. Halfway up I questioned my poorly chosen start. Maybe I wanted to remind myself just how out of shape I truly am. Or maybe it was the lack of caffeine in my body not allowing my brain to function properly. Regardless I made it up the initial climb and began my journey. One tired limb in front of the other. Music going. Truths being sung.

“You will not abandon me”
“prone to wander Lord I feel it”
“I will call upon your name and keep my eyes above the waves”

It starts to get a little easier.

Along the climb I have to move aside for the runners. The crazy people who just aren’t challenged enough with the fact they have a mountain to climb. I grumble inside. I hate them. Not really. I just want to be them. After awhile I realize I don’t have water. Stupid Tara, who does a hike without water? Or coffee? Soon I’m envious of all the water bottles I see hanging on peoples hips and backs and hands. And I just want water. Everything would be easier with water. Then I start to take notice of who doesn’t have water. Who else can do this climb without water? Really Tara? You are going to turn a simple hike into this? Disgusted with myself I look down and continue to climb. I will get to the top I say. Eventually it doesn’t become quite as much work. Or maybe the work is overshadowed by the beauty of the ground below becoming smaller. Suddenly I remember how good it feels to have blood moving through my body.

Eventually I make it to the top. Along with the runners and those with water bottles and those without and I just soak in the view. Pray for grace to conquer the many mountains I feel that are too great to climb in life. The fight to want to go faster then my body will allow, the covetousness that creeps in when I see others have something that I want that would make my climb easier. The fight to just pull up the covers and not face the mountain of a day. Grace is waiting though as I climb. God is with me and I believe the view will be breathtaking and worth it when my climb is done. One day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beauty and a Beast

Once upon a time a little girl wanted to act and be on the stage. That dream came true. Then it came true again, and again, and again, and again. There are about two more "agains" left in this school year. This mama is getting a little worn out with all the shuttling and crazy schedule managing. Well once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to be like this girl. His dream came true as well.

It's a little nerve-wracking when your kids are in plays. With all the "agains" for Taylor I get a little less nervous for her these days. But man oh man was I nervous for Trevor on a number of levels. Taylor is my rule keeper. She doesn't rock any boats. She's a natural people pleaser, like her mama. Trevor is... well none of the above. He is his own person, he is strong, passionate and if there's something he wants to do or say, doesn't want to do, only the holy spirit could change his mind. So in God's sovereignty there was this one little tea-cup who liked to tell Trevor where to stand, where to sit, what to say, what not to say. Trevor doesn't do bossy well. I'd get all sorts of texts from Taylor at rehearsal. MOM they're at it again you have to get down here. I wouldn't go. I had already given the director my cell and unless she sent me a text I had to let Trevor work this out. Once he locked himself in the dressing room. A number of times he'd come home and quit because of this girl. I told him Daukas' don't quit. Not an option. Oh man. After the first week I knew we were in deep and there was no backing out in my mind. Just a side note. I know my son. He is not innocent. I'm sure this girl went home and wanted to quit after dealing with Trevor as well. I'm grateful for wisdom from above and grace from God and for nights Trevor came home saying everything went perfectly and nights where it didn't but he was able to ignore and not respond back by say trying to tie her up with her scarf. True story.

He was ADORABLE too. Oh that kid loved the stage like his sister. My favorite part was opening night where he gave Chris a little wink as he came out. He was all drama. There was no "Trevor could you maybe act like you enjoy being on stage". No, if anything it was like, "Tone it down just a tad bud". I loved being in the audience and hear someone behind me say "oh he is just so cute!"

Presenting, a thousand photo's of Trevor, as Chip the Teacup:

This was before the curse :)
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The second show fell on his birthday. The cast sang Happy Birthday to him after final bows. He ate up every minute of it. Ok quick side note. This kid seriously cracks me up. He planned every last detail of his party. Down to the type of balloons he wanted in his room for our birthday morning tradition, to requesting trick candles on his cake. Then he acted perfectly suprised by said balloons and candles. HA!! So when Taylor told me that he picked beforehand what girl he wanted to let the singing of Happy Birthday to him it didn't phase me. Man oh man. Here's a few more of the singing time.

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Ok quickly on to Taylor. Here's what you need to know about Taylor. She's good. Really good. She's a complete natural up there. She's also incredibly funny. Her character was one of the three blind mice. I know what you're thinking. The three blind mice are not in Beauty and the Beast?! This script was an adaptation. All sorts of characters were found in this amazing play. Taylor and her other mice friends were asked to do the curtain speech before the show. She ate that up! Here are few pictures of her. I'm hoping to post some video of her from the play she was in before Beauty and the Beast on the blog soon! She was also an amazing sister to her brother. It took her a few rehearsals to figure out her role in his life there. But it warmed my heart to see them hug and hear Trevor to exclaim how happy it made him that he got to do a play with her!

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Now that Trevor finished his commitment and finished well, we are allowing another dream of his to come true. One he has dreamt for two years now. Tackle football. God help me.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Trevor!

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So Trevor's update and his 8th birthday will just collide into one post. Man where to even begin with Trevor. I'm not sure I've met a more passionate, funny, intelligent, not afraid to dig his heels in, compassionate, so full of life boy. Man I love this kid. He has grown significantly this past year. Physically, and emotionally. He loves to build with his lego's. Making amazing creations. Sometimes he'll follow instructions to a set but mostly he'll just create what he sees in his head. He remains my math whiz kid. Most days I'm bringing in Chris to help with his Math. Which I know, considering the teacher isn't saying much :)

He's an incredible big brother to Lexie. She adores him and he does a great job caring and protecting her. After our friend Roxy moved out this past summer we gave Trevor the extra room we have in the loft. Giving him his own room for the first time in his life. He loved moving all his boy stuff out of Rylee's room and I sewed him a bears blanket to complete the boy look. Funny enough, although he likes to play in his own room during the day he still crashes in his sisters room each night. The boy is just not meant to be alone :)

After watching Taylor get cast in play after play he asked to audition with Taylor for Beauty and the Beast. I told him it wasn't all that likely that he'd get in. He's young, he hasn't done a camp there like Taylor did this past summer. None of the phased Trev. Whether he got in or not he didn't care he just wanted to try. He had such a great attitude about it. I was beyond thrilled when I got the e-mail from the director that said Trevor was cast as Chip the Cup. Taylor got cast in the play as well. Sharing the theater with Taylor and all her theater friends was a little more challenging then anticipated but tonight was opening night and he did fantastic! One show down, five more to go! Pictures to come soon.

Trevor continues to impress in the athletic department. There is just no way around it the kid is very athletic like his mom. Ha! Ok like Chris too. Although he has shown a lot of promise in basketball and swimming, football remains his passion. We shall see...

Buddy you are the best 8 yr old son a mom could ever ask for. I love you so much!

Trying muscles for the first time. They were a hit!
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Giving his presentation in his Classical Conversation class.
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His first football game.... THE BEARS!
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Goofing around with Rylee:
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