Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Roller Coaster Ride

I've never liked roller coasters. I don't enjoy the ups or the downs, twists and upside down turns. I don't even like the nice smooth parts because you know from watching others go before you that you are going to be dropped any mintue and the smoothness will be no more. Recently we went to Disney World's Animal Kingdom. There was a ride a new ride there called Expedition Everest (see picture above)

"Careening into the darkness, you might get a glimpse of the denizen of this icy domain. Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward and down sudden drops on the mountain slopes in a race to escape."

Sound like fun? Not to me. No thank you sir. I'll take the boat ride that's calm and quiet with some cute little animals that you can admire along the way. Not real animals cause they can go CRAZY on you and eat your head off when your not looking. I like fake, little, animals that look real but you know there not so well, your safe. But here we are at Animal Kingdom and my husband comes to me with this gleam in his eye saying "I've got an extra fast pass!?" Knowing this chance may never come again, I take the pass thankful that it'll at least be fast and I won't have too much time standing in line to plan out all the many ways I could die. I get on, take the ride and lived.

Almost a year ago my husband came to me with that same gleam in his eye and said "Honey let's plant a church." He had said this many times before but I knew this time he meant it. Fasten the safety bar, let the ride begin. Along the way I'm tempted to think about all the many ways this ride could fail. The hurt that could come by getting on. It's not safe for sure. However, I'm thankful that this roller coaster isn't run by some teenage kid completely unaware of what's at stake if this ride was to fail me. No it is run by my faithful loving Father. He has gone before me in every twist and turn and when I'm going through the dark tunnel unable to see what's coming next, He promises me that darkness is as light to him. He sees. He knows. He provides.

even the darkness is not dark to you;
the night is bright as the day,
for darkness is as light with you Psalm 139

He has also promised ultimate safety. My eternal home with him will never be taken away or put in jeopardy. He will lead me there, granted it'll be a roller coaster ride but I will arrive one day in the presence of my King. I do not know what this church plant's future will be but I know that I would regret it if I had said, "No thank you sir, I'll stay here on the nice, safe ride. Go on without me".

Thank you Chris for giving me the joy to take this ride with you. I'm excited to see God's faithfulness meet us at each and every twist and turn.


Ruth said...

It's so encouraging to know that even though it's a roller coaster, it's a roller coaster designed specifically for you, with every twist and turn and stomach lurching drop planned purposfully to grow you and bring you closer to God. Thanks for the reminder friend! I'm in the seat right behind you :)

LauraBo said...

Roller coaster is exactly how I defined it for us! but following God is an adventure so gotta be ready. It's a thrill if also a bit scary at times, like Peter stepping out of the boat, is it going to hold us up or not? :-)

Rebekah said...

1) I've been waiting to go on Mt. Everest for years and years. I know ... I'm crazy. But Disney roller coasters are my favorite ... fast, a LITTLE scary, but not like the insane ones at Six Flags. Those make me feel like i really COULD die.

2) I am thankful that our Father hasn't made a mistake, putting us on this roller coaster. And I am thankful to be on it at the same time as you! =)