Friday, August 20, 2010

Alexie Jane


Well I haven't had the time to finish out my vacation posts but something big did happen in Carlsbad. We decided on a name for our baby girl! Chris and I have gone back and forth on quite a few names. We had it in our minds that it would be fun to tell the kids and family in Carlsbad! But alas on the drive out there we were still undecided. I had brought a baby name meaning book and scoured it while we were on the beach. Towards the end of the trip my parents graciously gave us a date night out and even kept the kids overnight at their condo! We had a gift card to the Chart House and enjoyed one of the best meals of our lives to date. Seriously good. I still think about that meal lol. The restaurant overlooked the ocean and we were given ocean view seats and watched the sun set. It was very romantic! While there we began discussing names again and we stumbled upon one that stuck. When Chris said it, yes it was Chris' idea, I knew we had a name.

He threw out Lexie or Lexi... depending on how you spell it. I loved the sound of calling our little girl Lexie and I also loved how it flowed with our other kids names. Taylor, Trevor, Rylee & Lexi. We've gone back and forth on the spelling and what her full name should be. We've settled on Alexie Jane.

Alexie-greek for defender.

My pray is that one day she would become a defender of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our last night there we were able to tell the kids and their response was awesome. Particularly Taylor's. I think she almost cried she liked it so much. We've brought her in on a few other name ideas here and there and her response was less then enthusiastic :) I knew whatever we picked she would grow to love but it was warmed my heart to see the kids so excited. Naming her and sharing the name with our children has made this little girl and her impending arrival seem so real. That and her amazingly strong kicks each night from 10pm-midnight :) So they have stopped calling her violet and she is now Alexie to them. It's taking Trevor a little longer and he's calling her Alex. At least it's a step in the right direction.

Since our kids know, it only makes sense to bring the rest of our friends & family in on the name! They're not exactly great with keeping secrets.

While waiting for our table at the Chart House Chris took these pictures of me & Lexie. They are a little outdated at this point since I've grown a TON since these were taken. But I'll treasure these pictures knowing it was the night the Lord gave us a name for her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School is in Session

Last week we had our first day of school! We started the morning off with chocolate chip pancakes and I had bought them all special lunches.

They have been asking for these for some time now and I keep telling them it's not cost effective. I made an exception for this day. Well actually I had a coupon. Regardless it was a hit.

This year we have a 3rd grader

A KINDERGARTNER! Wow my boy is starting school.

And preschooler, mostly doing kindergarten, Rylee.

I'm excited about this school year. Lots of fun field trips planned. Our P.E. group will be starting back up in September and for the first time ever I feel like I have a good handle on what we're doing. I expect that all to change in the next 7-8 weeks with a newborn :) The Lord's way of keeping me humble. For the time being I'm going to enjoy and soak in these next few months of following a schedule and pray some of it sticks when baby arrives.

As a side note for my homeschooling friends... if you haven't seen the Pioneer's Woman's blog on famous homeschoolers, check it out. It makes me feel a little less crazy. Just a little. Also, I couldn't agree more with her that homeschooling is not for everyone. Some days I question whether it's even for me ;) But for now this is where God has us and we are grateful to live in a country that lets us decide what's best for our family!

So happy school days to all my friends who's kids are back in school. Public, charter & homeschool. May God grant us all wisdom & grace to shepherd our children's souls through another year!

4 Years


Hard to believe that my baby is four. It has been four beautiful, delightful, joy filled years with Rylee Grace. Her middle name describes her and what she has been to our family. Grace. She is the sweetest little girl. Compassionate, puzzle genius, loves to make up beautiful songs on the piano, will make you laugh during "Go Fish" and after a long day she just wants to cuddle with her blue blankie and anyone that will hold her.

Sweet Rylee I can't imagine life without you. You are a gift to this family!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Days in CA

I have a few more pictures I want to share from our trip. Trying to make up for lost time on this blog :)

While in California we took a trip to the Fish Market in San Diego and got caught up with some old friends. These friends live in AZ but it seems like since we vacation at the same time we often catch up with them in CA.

While waiting for them and our reservation we took a few pictures. These are a few of my favorites from the whole trip...

We like to eat on vacation. Lots. There are great breakfast places around Carlsbad Village. We took the traditional walk to the Donut Shop and also ate at Al's Cafe! Another favorite if you ever in the area. Their coconut macadamia nut french toast is to die for :) Now I've got you craving coconut macadamia nut french toast. Or maybe now I'm the one craving...

And one of my absolute favorites of my parents with Rylee!

Lastly, one of the two older kids & I.

Trevor's Seashell Store


My Son turned entrepreneur in Carlsbad. I always knew he had it in him. He's been obsessed with money since he was 2. After two days of endlessly searching and collecting seashells or pieces of seashells he decided to open up a shop. One morning we were out sitting on the common green area of the resort. There really isn't a better name for this place. We had finished up our family morning walk and grabbed some books to read. Trevor asked if he could set out all his shells on one of the smaller tables and look at them all. As he began to set them out he had the idea of opening a store. I was hesitant but Chris, being the good dad he is, encouraged him in this pursuit. Taylor made a sign and he waited and waited. Occasionally he would say "come to trevor's seashell shop" I was about to give up when lo and behold a customer came by. Apparently inspired by Trevor this gentleman gave Trevor a whole dollar for a couple shells. That was it he was hooked. For the next few days the routine went like this. Head to the beach, Trevor would search endless for shells and then set up shop the next morning.

Here he is negotiating with some customers...

The kid has a line!!! lol.

One morning we woke the kids up earlier then normal and took a walk on the beach. The tide was lower then it is during the afternoon making it easier to find shells. The whole family got in on the action.

Chris was proud of his find.

I liked mine the best :)

All in all I think he made like $20.00! Crazy huh? I was proud of the little guy. Proud of his creativity and proud of how hard he worked each day scouring the sand. And well thank you God for allowing him to see some reward. He was so darn cute I would've given him money myself if other's hadn't have come. He's been quite generous with his money too. He bought us all frozen yogurt and a few other things for his sisters at the toy shop :) Here's to seeing how God will use him in the future :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I know you have nothing better to do with your day then look at my hundreds of Legoland pictures so I'll make it short.

We took advantage of the unusually cold weather for California in July and spent a day at a theme park.

We rode rides.

We navigated boats.

Some under parental supervision.

We learned the rules of the road. And took it very seriously.

We conquered our fears. Dad made us.

This seems to help in the conquering....

We also rode roller coasters. No picture for this though. It was taken on Chris' iphone which took a dip in the pool with Chris a few days later. In the spirit of keeping it short, pictures gone.

We sat by lego created men and touched their knees...

A Girl.

Bob the builder.

We stared in shows.

Had our pictures taken afterwards.

Some lines got long.

But it was worth it to get wet.

Ahem, for them to get wet :)

A picture just to prove I really was there.

After spending the entire day and evening at lego land walking miles we spent the next day doing nothing but this:

The End.

Back From The Beach


We returned last week from an amazing 2 week vacation in Carlsbad, CA. It was the first time we have every taken two weeks for a vacation and let's just say it was glorious. Particularly for Chris. I found he was able to wind down from work by the end of the first week and then we had the second week to just relax and have fun as a family.

Lots of memories were made and of course more pictures then I know what to do with were taken.

First up: Beach

There's very little in life I find more relaxing then sitting on the beach, listening to the ocean, taking in it's vastness and breathing in fresh air. Every time we went down to the beach I found myself in awe of God and his creativity. Blue waters as far as the eye can see, waves that form just enough for humans to surf, but not so hard that they are crushed by them, shells for little ones to find, sand that sparkles like gold and at the end of the day a beautiful sunset illuminating it all.

The kids enjoyed the beach throughly. I'm thankful that they now instinctively know not to go to deep into the ocean, yet they aren't afraid to wade in the waters and play. This was by far the easiest year we've had taking the kids down to the beach. Chris and I took it all in. Reading, talking, listening to music while the kids played for hours. Next year will look a little different :)

more pictures to come...