Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Packing Tip For Kids


This week we are gearing up for our annual trip to Carlsbad, CA. It couldn't have come at a better time either as it's a tad bit hot here in AZ. Thankfully we had a "mild" June and I'd say it's only been recently that it's been miserably hot. So with the lows in the 60's and high's in the 70's I can't wait to be on the beach for TWO WEEKS!

Something I started doing a few years ago, that has come in handy, was picking out individual outfits for each of my kids for the first 6 or so days of vacation. I place each outfit into a cheap ziploc bag. I also do a bag, or two, full or underwear and a couple bags for PJ's and one for toiletries. Not only does it make their little bags look nice and neat but I'm not having to arrange outfits for three kids every morning! And that's vacation :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Happy 10 Years Chris

10 years ago I married my best friend. Today he is that and so much more to me.

Through the joys, through the trials.
Through the conflicts, through the resolutions.
Through the changes and stability.
You are the one I want to walk it all with.

Life with you is half as hard but twice as good.

Here's a look back...

Monday, July 05, 2010

25 Weeks


Hard to believe I'm a few weeks shy of my third trimester! The thought of having another baby, a precious little girl baby, has sunk in and I'm can't wait to meet her. So far she's pretty chill, that or I've been too busy to notice her moving around. However, once I stop moving she goes crazy for about an hour. Usually her busiest time is from 10pm-11pm. Hopefully that's not a sign of things to come :)

We are still working on names. The kids have decided on Violet. I keep reminding them that they'll grow up and Lord willing have their own babies to name but this one is for Daddy & Mommy. We'll see, if we don't get a name quick she might forever be Violet to them!

The 4th pregnancy has proved to be the hardest on my body. Typically I get pregnant and can eat whatever I want without stomach repercussions. Different from my normal way of living. But this time my stomach was doing well until I got pregnant. So it's been quite the feat trying to figure out what I can tolerate. This coming from a girl who just finished two bowls of Fruity Pebbles :) It's been a good day. My legs also aren't happy with my pregnancy hormones. I've been resisting the thought of wearing the thick, tight hose that I've been told will help my pain. There's something about 115 degree heat and thick hose that don't seem compatible in my mind. If these next 12-15 weeks go as fast as the last 25 I know God will continue to give me grace to the end and this little girl will be so worth any temporal inconveniences! I would love prayer as I take my gestational diabetes test next week. I'm 2 for 3 right now. First two pregnancies I failed and with Rylee I escaped the diagnosis. It would sure be nice to be free from all the stress tests involved with GD and too not have to check my blood sugars a couple times a day again. Particularly since we are paying out of pocket with this one. Another opportunity to trust God! Thanks for your prayers and excitement in another little Daukas girl joining the world!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

One Crazy June

Well it's July 1st. Which means I survived June. There was so much going on in June. Lots to do and details that I wasn't sure would come together. Entering into it I had the thought of pulling the covers over my head and having someone wake me up when it was July. Instead I prayed, read the word and received much grace from God for a busy month. All with minimal meltdowns and tears :)

For the past six years Chris has been asked to lead worship for ADF's blackstone legal fellowship group. You can read more about who they are on their site. It's always been a wonderful experience and something we feel privileged to be apart of. It does make for a busy June. This year I was graced to be brought into the craziness in a way I've only done twice before. Joining the worship band. So that means, up at 5am for two weeks, out the door with Chris by 5:45 and home around 9:30. That's early in my world :) It was good though and there really isn't a better way to start the morning then hearing a devotion taught from God's word and after proceed to sing songs of worship for 30 min. It did my soul much good. And on a personal note I really enjoy playing and singing with this group of guys. Particularly my husband :) It takes me back to our old days of dating and early marriage. I returned home with three kids waiting and ready for my full attention and I often felt like all my creative energy had been spent. For this reason I'm thankful that Blackstone is a season and not my way of life.

In addition to Blackstone Chris has had the opportunity to help out another pastor in the area with a worship leading need. So Sunday's for June have been Chris leading blackstone worship, worship practice for this church and then on Sunday morning leading and afternoon preaching at Grace Church. One week we had blackstone in the mornings, a blackstone banquet one night, and then Chris and I leading worship for our friends church Sunday morning, home in time so I could practice with Grace Church band and then church that night. Much grace was there for that week :)

The blackstone band's wives:

The worship leader and me

The Blackstone band

After blackstone we began packing for Seattle. Chris left a few days ahead of me to get some time in with his twin brother and I met up with him on Thursday. Our dear friend Luz was getting married! I was asked to be her maid of honor and Chris officiated their wedding. We had so much fun this past weekend. Soaking up the 60 degree weather and making memories with friends!

Luz was the most beautiful bride! Seriously stunning.

She had each of us choose our own dresses with a few perimeters, ivory and cocktail dress length. Maybe in light of all I wrote above one will understand when I say I found my dress the day before I left. I had a backup but one that I wasn't super happy with. Ah the memories of dragging my kids into Macy's, Dillards, Ross, TJ Max & Kohl's while mommy tries on dresses. lol. It was nuts. I was nuts for doing it. There were a lot of ice cream, chocolate milk bribes and yes some sinning on my part. But Praise God I found a dress that worked with my growing belly, in my price range and worked with the other girls dresses as well.

If you know Luz, you know that she has to be one of the most creative, gifted, people around. I can't even begin to explain all the ways her wedding was different then anything I've seen. It begins with her creation themed ceremony. She has always wanted a wedding that would represent the 7 days of creation. So each girl was a different day. She had our friend Ruth make different headpieces that corresponded to each day's colors. For instance I was day 1. Light & Darkness. So my jewelry and headpiece was black and white. She also had a friend paint doors that represented each day. As each couple walked down they would reveal a door. The last person to walk down was Cole, representing Day 6. During the revealing of the doors there was a group of girls reading from Genesis and the music that we all walked down to was composed by her husband Cole.

Luz's friend and hairstylist had extra time to pin my hair back for me. I LOVE the result!

Here's a better pictures of my headpiece...

and I love how my friend Megan's turned out!

She made her bouquet by tearing out pages from St. Augustine's confessions and turning them into flowers.

There was no guest book, but rather a guest tree. A friend painted this tree onto canvas and each guest put their fingerprint and name on the tree.

She has been saving all the flowers she has received as a single women and once dried placing the petals into jars. As they left the wedding, their friends in the receiving line threw flowers from these jars! I LOVED that idea and just might have to start that for my girls!

After the wedding we went out with our friends Jeff & Ruth for some fresh seafood and a ferry ride. So much fun!

We arrived home on Sunday just in time to make Grace Church and welcome in July. July for our family means Carlsbad, California. We are all counting down the days!