Monday, July 05, 2010

25 Weeks

Hard to believe I'm a few weeks shy of my third trimester! The thought of having another baby, a precious little girl baby, has sunk in and I'm can't wait to meet her. So far she's pretty chill, that or I've been too busy to notice her moving around. However, once I stop moving she goes crazy for about an hour. Usually her busiest time is from 10pm-11pm. Hopefully that's not a sign of things to come :)

We are still working on names. The kids have decided on Violet. I keep reminding them that they'll grow up and Lord willing have their own babies to name but this one is for Daddy & Mommy. We'll see, if we don't get a name quick she might forever be Violet to them!

The 4th pregnancy has proved to be the hardest on my body. Typically I get pregnant and can eat whatever I want without stomach repercussions. Different from my normal way of living. But this time my stomach was doing well until I got pregnant. So it's been quite the feat trying to figure out what I can tolerate. This coming from a girl who just finished two bowls of Fruity Pebbles :) It's been a good day. My legs also aren't happy with my pregnancy hormones. I've been resisting the thought of wearing the thick, tight hose that I've been told will help my pain. There's something about 115 degree heat and thick hose that don't seem compatible in my mind. If these next 12-15 weeks go as fast as the last 25 I know God will continue to give me grace to the end and this little girl will be so worth any temporal inconveniences! I would love prayer as I take my gestational diabetes test next week. I'm 2 for 3 right now. First two pregnancies I failed and with Rylee I escaped the diagnosis. It would sure be nice to be free from all the stress tests involved with GD and too not have to check my blood sugars a couple times a day again. Particularly since we are paying out of pocket with this one. Another opportunity to trust God! Thanks for your prayers and excitement in another little Daukas girl joining the world!

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I'll be praying for your health concerns! That you'll feel better and not have gestational diabetes.

Funny you should mention the name Violet, as it's not common, and I had a friend just name her baby Violet.