Friday, December 16, 2011

Adoption Part 2

Well I never did get around to finishing my thoughts did I? I thought I would've had more time.....hahahahahahahahaha.

If I could sum up ONE major takeaway that I had from attending the Together For Adoption conference was that orphans needs homes. Not orphanages but real homes. With a real dad & a real mom. That became crystal clear to me throughout this conference.

"The Trinity is not an orphanage. When our Triune God set out to redeem us, building an orphanage and placing us in it was not a part of the plan. No, God’s plan of redemption centered on placing us in an existing home. By the grace of the Triune God we are brought into the love of the Father/Son relationship that has always existed. We are placed in the Home of homes. In Ephesians 2:19 Paul tells us that we were once strangers and aliens without hope, but now we are members of the household of God. By making room for us within the love that they eternally share, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit gave us a home and a family. God answered our need by bringing us into His household."

See this article for a much better explanation of the Gospel and adoption!

I walked away from the T4A conference more in awe and grateful for my Abba Father. As I watched videos of orphans throughout the conference, and my heart strings were tugged wanting to take them all into my home. I was struck with the thought that God did not die for me to make me his child when I was an adorable, little, helpless baby peering through a crib. No he died for me when I was the one spitting on that adorable baby in the crib. I was the enemy. That is when he died. Oh the gospel is so much greater then I could ever comprehend!! I don't know what the Lord has for Chris & I and our future. If we'll every play a physical part in the orphan crisis. One thing for certain, is that I pray fervently for the orphans of the worlds to be brought into loving Christian families and I pray for my friends who are adopting children. I drop every thing to be in attendance at those adoption hearings. Just went to another one last week!! I pray for my friends who are seeking to be a go between for those permanent homes as foster parents. Those things I can do in the hear and now. Would you join me this christmas in praying for these things as well?