Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trevor & Jacob the Cheater


Today, as we do often on Saturdays, we went to the Rio Vista Park to hand out free lemonade, hot chocolate & paint faces. It continues to be an awesome way to meet people in the community & on more the one occasion it has lead to people visiting Grace Church & hearing the Gospel.

The kids love it. We park right in front of the playgrounds with sand toys, drinks, face paint and they play & play. Trevor made friends, as is normal for that kid, with some boys. Walking over I hear a kid say " my name is Jacob" to which Trevor replies "Jacob means cheater". To which I quickly jump in with, "In the bible buddy" and try to change the subject. There's a Sunday School fail if I ever saw one :) Hey Trevor let's not walk around the playground calling all Jacob's cheaters! Which I believe Jacob's name means deceiver, not cheater. That's not really any better though so I didn't see the need to correct him right there.

Anyway The kid says, "Oh you have a bible?" Trevor says, "Yeah we read it a lot." To which he responds with "I have a bible too. I used to read it every night with my mom. When I lived with her. I haven't seen her for months. I live with my dad now. I'm spending the weekend with my grandma though and she brought me to the Park." I told him he has one special Grandma and that he could read the bible any time he wants!! That's what's great about God's word! But inside my heart broke.

These are the kind of people we are coming into conduct with on a weekly basis. Kids from broken homes, Mom & dad's married and then remarried, then remarried again. All in need of a Savior to make sense of their world.

I had a great talk with the kids Grandma afterwards. So did many others from the church. She just might come to church with her Grandson she said. And to think it all started with a Sunday School lesson, learned by a (almost) five year old boy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thievery & Airport Greetings


Last week Chris traveled to Maryland for a preaching practicum with Sovereign Grace Ministries. The kids and I spent a few days in Gilbert and a few days back at home hanging out with our friends Megan & Jedidah. Megan's husband was also out of town at the Sovereign Grace Songwriters conference. We were grateful that Sovereign Grace worked these conferences out to fall on the same week so we could be without our husbands together :)

Well as in usual Daukas fashion, what's a week with hubby gone without a little drama? No strep throat or car fires this week. Nope. This week my hubby's face made it into a police line-up for fraud. I got to see the paper line-up myself! Pretty crazy! Monday morning as Chris was leaving for the airport he came out to find our cars were rummaged through. It appeared as if nothing was stolen so he went on his way to get to the airport on time. Well apparently he had an old license or something in his car cause later that day a Christopher Daukas showed up trying to cash a check in his name with a stolen checkbook. And this Chris had ID to prove he was Chris. The stolen checkbook came from another car that was broken into that morning and when the police ran Chris' name and address he knew that Chris was either a thief or victim. Chris' brother also happens to be a Police officer in the area and was able to get a hold of Chris & I to confirm that we were indeed victims not thief's. Times like these it's helpful having a cop in your family. Jeff served us heroically that week helping me fill out fraud paperwork and directing me who to call while Chris was out of town! So far the guy hasn't been caught and he hasn't posed as Chris again. Praise God! Meanwhile we've been working HARD to get our garage organized so we can fit our cars in. As serious as this, is I still think that line-up of guys with Chris' face on there has got to be used somewhere :)

The kids were so excited to pick up daddy from the airport on friday. They each made special "daddy" signs or in Rylee's case "DAID" signs. We spent the afternoon at the kids PE co-op and headed straight to the airport. They were so adorable with their signs. They held them up from the moment we got in the car, the walk to the elevator, the walk to the security gate (where we learned we missed him) down the elevator to baggage claim. You should've heard the "ohh, ahh's, how cute!" as we walked EVERYWHERE :)

Rylee was the first to spot Daddy and abandon her sign post :)

This weekend we travel to San Fransisco to visit our friends The Kurth's. Chris will be preaching at their church plant on Sunday morning! Pray for safe travels and no drama while we're gone :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

10 Years Later

10 years ago Sunday, January 3rd, 2000, on my 21st birthday, Chris asked me to be his wife. Life has only gotten better every day since!

10 years ago...

*no someone is not trying to club us from behind. We took a Gondola ride before he proposed :)

Right after he asked and I said yes!

I remember going to bed that night, more like trying to sleep, laying on my back with my hand on my chest. I refused to roll over on top of the ring and of course I couldn't take it off. I'd waited to long to have it on :)

10 years today...

*Monday night we took a date night back to the place where he asked me to be his wife!

So Sunday also happened to be my birthday... although I celebrated my last official one last year. My children were precious this year with their homemade cards, taylor wanted to make me breakfast in bed which consisted of jelly toast she did herself. I learned that "AAQA" from Rylee means, "Mom you're the best mom ever!" Trevor drew a bunch of pictures and pasted them on the wall downstairs! The kids also made me homemade coupons. Here's one from Taylor that cracks me up:

"romancx" I honestly don't know where she comes up with this stuff!

Taylor overheard me talking to Chris about wanting to get a pedicure for my birthday and she offered to take her Christmas money for her & I to go together! So sweet!

I am one blessed woman!