Monday, November 28, 2005

Worship Matters Blog

Make sure you check out today's Worship Matters blog by Bob Kauflin. It is excellent! Of course everyday has been outstanding but I was left especially encouraged in the Lord with today's post.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Idols

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! Ours was a little sick.... the kids were still not feeling 100% and Chris woke up with the same cold feeling miserable. We agreed that he would try to sleep it off until it was time to leave for my parents house. As I began the morning I found myself starting to grumble and complain in my heart, even getting angry at Chris because he was sick. Yeah like he choose to be sick on Thanksgiving. The kids were not exactly on their best behavior either. In fact I think Trevor was on my leg crying "mama" and Taylor threw a tantrum all while I was tying to make my green bean casserole. I tried my usual just put on a happy face and not deal with the heart technique but like always it failed to work. At about 11:00 I got the kids settled with a Baby Einstein movie and retreated to the shower. It was there that I began to do the heart work. James 4:1 says that our conflicts are caused by the cravings that lie within. So I asked the question what is it that I'm craving... ok I desired a nice sit down family breakfast together. Which is a good thing right? Yes, but it shouldn't cause me to be angry and complain when It doesn't go as planned. I desired help thanksgiving morning so that I could peacefully make the side dishes I was taking to my moms. Again a reasonable request? Ok take out the peaceful part and it's not so bad. So I began to confess my sin to the Lord- the idols of comfort, having things go the way I want them to go. Confessing my anger and distrust in the Lord's goodness in it all. Then, after being humbled by God's gracious forgiveness over my sinful attitude I began to be thankful for the most important thing in my life. God's saving work done in my life through the power of the gospel. Later on I read this quote on Girl Talk and was impacted by Spurgeon's words

"The fear of a man who really knows the love and goodness of God, will be somewhat of this kind: He will fear lest he should really be, or should seem to be, ungrateful. 'What' he asks, 'can I do? I am drowned in mercy. It is not as though my ship were sailing in a sea of mercy; I have been so loaded with the favour of the Lord that my vessel has gone right down, and the ocean of God's love and mercy has rolled right over the masthead. What can I do O Lord? If thou had given me only a little mercy, I might have done something, in return, to express my gratitude. But oh! Thy great mercy in electing me, in redeeming me, in converting me, and in preserving me, and in all the goodness of thy providence toward me;--what can I do in return for all these favour? I feel struck dumb; and I am afraid, lest I should have a dumb heart as well as a dumb tongue; I fear lest I should grieve Thee by anything that looks like ingratitude."

Yes there is so much to be thankful for. I thank God for his kindness in not letting me stay in my sin but bringing about conviction, repentance and then pouring out his sweet forgiveness.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today looked something like this...


Sick kids

Well Chris' day off didn't really amount to a day off, the kids got sick. Taylor has a minor cold- not sick enough to be in bed all day but just enough to make her crabby. Trevor has a stomach virus and has had non stop diarrhea. Poor guy is miserable! You know you are at a mom's blog when the post is about diarrhea huh? I felt his top teeth coming through today so that could contribute to some of his sickness. I admire Chris so much he has one solid day off and he spends it helping me care for the home and wipe runny noses and clean poopy diapers. Now I know that's apart of being a husband and a dad but he does it all without complaining! Ok I'm off to seek to apply the Gospel to my day!

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Best Day Of The Week

Chris has done a great job leading out family and has repeatedly taught Taylor that Sunday is the best day of the week. Why you might ask? Because we as a family have the privilege to go to the dearest place on earth and fellowship with the dearest people on earth, as CJ Mahaney, would say. So as we do every Sunday, Taylor wakes up and we tell her that today is Sunday and she replies with " The best day of the week?" Yes Taylor, the best day of the week. Now for a pastor's wife with two young children I can be tempted with all sorts of thoughts on this best day of the week. Really how hard can it be to get two children dressed and myself ready and out the door by 9:45? I ask myself that every week. But it's almost as if they know it's Sunday and mom's alone with the task of getting to church on time. Maybe that's why this Sunday Taylor decided to get into my nailpolish at 9:40 and proceed to paint her nails and her entire arms with the polish. I come in from loading up the car to a sheepish Taylor holding out her arms " Look mommy, I just wanted to be pretty for church." Ah yes Taylor and I just wanted to make it to church today without out any drama. Oh the idols of the heart! So although I agree wholeheartedly that Sunday is indeed the best day of the week it can also be the most sanctifing and I'm not referring to the Sunday message. Well I'm off to enjoy the second best day of the week- MONDAY!!! Chris' day off.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Trevor's New Haircut


Most of you have probablly seen Trevor's new haircut he got last week but just in case you missed it on sunday here it is! He looks just like Chris now! I love it!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kids in Costumes


As promised here are a few pictures of the kids in their costumes! Haven't had much extra time to blog lately. I'm eager to share all that I'm learning in the Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson. The Lord has been doing serious work in my heart through this book. Ultimately pointing me back to the Gospel and the mercies I have in Christ. Quotes to come soon...

On a kid update: Taylor is very close to being potty trained. Just working on staying dry through the night. We have told her that when she is potty trained she will get a big girl bed. Big girl bed= twin bed. And we will pick out a new comfortor together! I'm very excited. That will be her Christmas!
Trevor is saying mama now! Loud and clear and he will crawl to me and climb up my leg saying "mama,mama" more in a whiney tone but it still warms my heart :-)