Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sick kids

Well Chris' day off didn't really amount to a day off, the kids got sick. Taylor has a minor cold- not sick enough to be in bed all day but just enough to make her crabby. Trevor has a stomach virus and has had non stop diarrhea. Poor guy is miserable! You know you are at a mom's blog when the post is about diarrhea huh? I felt his top teeth coming through today so that could contribute to some of his sickness. I admire Chris so much he has one solid day off and he spends it helping me care for the home and wipe runny noses and clean poopy diapers. Now I know that's apart of being a husband and a dad but he does it all without complaining! Ok I'm off to seek to apply the Gospel to my day!

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Andrea said...

aw - i'll pray for you guys!