Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Day!

Today was a beautiful day as a Christian mother. I still remember holding my precious firstborn, overwhelmed at the love in my heart for this child that I thought my heart would burst. Then came the prayer. Lord save THIS child. May this child's lips come to confess you as her Lord and Savior.

The past year and a half Taylor has really wrestled with what she believes. After her asking some questions of the faith she asked to attend our church's Christianity Explored class. There were many late nights during those six weeks. We'd stay up and listen to her ask question after question. She wanted to believe but didn't yet. I felt vulnerable. Up to this point I have never had a child of mine say "I don't believe". But clearly God was at work in her heart so we prayed. Finally the Lord broke through and she believed! Praise the Lord! She asked to get baptized and we thought it best to wait to see fruit from her confession. Indeed we have.

Today it brought Chris and I, and all her family, great joy to witness her baptism.
Here is the gist of her testimony. As a side note, wow this girl has no issues speaking in public. She went off her notes making it more personable, and made consistent eye contact as she spoke.

As I've gotten older, I've realized that I am a sinner and its not just other people who have problems - I do too. I've cared alot about how I've looked to others so that people might think better of me - that's pride. I didn't see my sin in the moment, when I was boasting, or when I had done something wrong. Even though I was going to church, I didn't think of myself as a Christian.

I started having conversations with my mom and dad about the gospel and my dad encouraged me to go to Christianity Explored. It gave me questions to ponder like "what is heaven?" and "is there truly everlasting life?" and "is Jesus a real person who really did what the Bible said? This class let me wrestle with what I believe.
As we got deeper into the course, I believed that Jesus really did die on the cross for my sins and that I am need of mercy from God. I've committed myself to following Christ and to recognize my sins and repent. I've read about people whose conversions seemed much more dramatic, but I do believe and that’s what really matters. Romans says, “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.

I have felt God's help with being a servant at home and not caring as much about what I look like or what people think of me. Not that I don't sin, but I am able to recognize my sin and repent. I hope that through support from other Christians and reading the Bible, that through everything the Lord will help me in my walk with Him. I am here to get baptized so that I can say to all my family and friends and Grace Church that I am a committed follower of Christ.

There were a couple "amen's" when she said I've read about people whose conversions seemed much more dramatic, but I do believe and that's what really matters. As a mom I'm so grateful that she doesn't have a dramatic conversion :) But really every conversion is dramatic is it not? A dead heart brought to life by the saving power of Jesus Christ!  I pray that as the Lord continues his sanctifying process in her life that her faith would grow stronger and be made more evident with each passing trial!

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It was a tad bit cold she said :)
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I had always dreamed of this moment.... Chris baptizing one of our kids!
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

So grateful for Chris' family that came today! Grateful after my mom's trying health these past six months that she was able to see her first grandchild get baptized!

Keith & Carrie, so sorry we couldn't find you for the picture! Probably off chasing one of your three boys :)

To God be the Glory!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Alexie

Today Alexie turns 2. Sometimes I wonder if it's a celebration for the child or the mom for surviving two years with an infant turned toddler.

ALexie is into everything these days. I do mean everything. She doesn't have a laid back bone in her petite body. Maybe for a few seconds she will sit still if you give her the beloved blankie. But usually that just gets totted alongside her as she runs around. The other day she climbed up onto the kitchen table and was swinging on the chandelier. If the barstools are pushed back she will be on top of the counter in seconds devouring,spilling,destroying whatever was left up there.

A few weeks ago we were all reviewing our school grammar on the floor in the family room. I gave her a some toys to play with around us and next thing I know I see her whining and pointing at her nose. I take a look and she shoved a teeny tiny bead up her nose as far as it could go. I'm really a pretty calm,collected mom but this made my heart beat a little fast! I wasn't sure where it would go, or if she would choke on it if it went any farther back. Chris had just left town that morning and the kids and I were still in our Pj's for the most part. I threw all the kids in the car and rushed off to our Dr. who said they'd work us in. Off we went into a waiting room with children who should be in school and instead are with their sister who stuck a bead up her nose. And mother of the year goes to...... dang. I lost it again. Anywho. The nurse left and as we waited for the dr. to come in Lexie was getting more and more angry at this bead in her nose. As she screamed at the top of her lungs I had the thought of plugging up her nostril that didn't have a bead in it. Sure enough the pressure made the bead come down just enough to where I could pop it out. Oh happy day. Trevor in his excitement opened up the door and yelled into the nurse/dr's station, "IT'S OUT!!!!!" Wonderful. I snuck out the back door and haven't been back.

Although Lexie has kept us all busy we so enjoy her. She loves music and dances like crazy when we put something on. She adores her siblings and often will yell for them to come upstairs with her and play dress up. Rylee is now her bath buddy. As I say to Lexie, "It's time for bath" she'll start yelling "Rylee! Rylee!!" And drags her in with her. Although Rylee doesn't mind. She wasn't all that excited about transitioning to showers. Lexie loves when Trevor drives her in her car all around the kitchen. A little fast for my liking but she squeals in delight so as long as no one gets hurt I let it be. She loves Taylor. Taylor is one of the few who can take her from me without crying. When I drop Taylor off somewhere and Lexie is with me she cries, "tay-tay, tay-tay". It's so sad!

Happy Birthday Alexie Jane:

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug