Saturday, May 27, 2006

Off To New Attitude!


That's right New Attitude has arrived! Tonight in Kentucky the conference will begin. Ok so I'm not exactly off in the sense of physically off. Unlike my husband and many of the singles in our church I did not board a plane at 8:00am this morning. And unlike the others my name will not appear on the registration list. And again unlike the others I won't be there to hear the messages. So how can I, wife of a singles pastor, mother of two and one on the way be apart of NA? Through joining many other saints and lifting up prayer for this conference. Growing in this spiritual discipline has helped me embrace my call as a wife and mother. See before kids and really even before number two came I was able to attend most everything with Chris. I had to adjust my mind & attitude when he began to leave for not only conferences but worship practice, ministry meetings and even Sunday mornings without me. The Lord has done & continues to do a work in my heart showing me that there are other ways I can be apart of Chris ministry then what I have known in the past. Let's say God has given me a New Attitude :-) So my love & singles of our church ( as well as singles abroad attending) I am praying that the Lord will meet you in amazing ways. That hearts will be freshly convicted through the God's word & biblical friendship will be deepened. You will be missed but I can't wait to hear all about it upon your return!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Firstborn


As I lie awake restless at midnight, I am reminded that it was four years ago at this exact time, my water broke. Chris and I had just gotten home & settled from my brother's high school graduation. During the nine months I had promised my family & Ryan that I would not go into labor during his graduation nor would I miss it. Yes, bold statements I know. But it sounded good and gave them peace in the meantime. It was kind of Taylor and the Lord to grant us this request. I remember lying in bed wondering if my water really had broke. Sounds strange and I'll spare you the details but I couldn't figure out what was going on. All my nine months of reading books and birth preparations classes seemed far from me at the moment. I called my friend Tiffanie, who had just given birth herself and happens to be a nurse. I explained to her what happened and asked her or more begged her, WHAT DO I DO? She calmly replied " Well Tara, go get Chris & your suitcase cause you are about to have a baby." Haha, we still laugh about this midnight conversation. Poor Chris was on the couch with a stomach ache. His first reaction was a half asleep "can't this wait till the morning?" But he quickly woke up and realized that there was no stopping labor for his stomach ache. And we were off. Labor was long but thanks to the kind folks who invented the epidural the birth was pain free. Our little girl was born and came into the world with a strong set of lungs and lots of personality! Life, thankfully, has never been the same. She is completely full of life, has so much joy, constantly makes us laugh & fills our house with songs that she makes up as she goes. She is also incredibly bright & beautiful! I recount today God's goodness to us in entrusting Taylor to Chris & I, two sinners in need of Grace! Thank you Lord for the gift of Taylor! Happy 4th Birthday My Sweetheart!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good friends are hard to find....

How cute are these girls? We celebrated Taylor's fourth birthday on Saturday and had planned a party with a couple of kids but at the last minute three of the four left town. I admit I was disappointed for the last minute cancellations. Actually I could write a whole post of the sin that was revealed and what the Lord has been teaching me... but I will stick with one story at a time. So.... at least we still had Molly. Molly isn't just any old cute redhead friend. Her mom & I have been friends since I was 14 yrs old. She was a new believer and I had recently rededicated my life. Together we took on studying the scripture & what it meant for our lives. We dated two guys who were best friends. Then we were there for one another when it was broken off. I was in her wedding, she was in mine a few years later. I was one of the first she called to say she was pregnant and six weeks later she was one of the first I called (parents aside for both of us of course) when I found out I was pregnant. Although life has often taken us in different directions and different churches we still maintain contact. She has always been one of those friends where months could go by and in one conversation we are caught up and it feels like no time has passed. I am grateful to God for her friendship and grateful that our girls can friends together and Lord willing they will have a biblical friendship one day like their moms!

Here's some pictures from our "messy" themed party!

Here the girls are getting ready for some painting activities

Then they did a little swimming to get cleanend off!

Finally we came inside where they decorated cupcakes and then made a mess eating them. So did their mom's but I'll leave those pictures out :-)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Only 95 days!?!?

Occaisonally it hits me that I really am having another baby. The lower backaches and constant hunger help but every once in awhile I am hit with the reality of not only am I pregnant but this baby is coming out! Like today when I saw my ticker and it said 95 days. 95 days my heart exclaims! Oh my! Now don't get me wrong I can't wait to meet her and have her join our family I am just unaware of how fast time is flying!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Married At Last

Ryan & Danae are married at last. It was a beautiful night! Full of candlelight & roses. They began the ceremony with a slideshow. I was standing on the other side of the sanctuary watching the pictures of Ryan as a child through the glass. Looking at the pictures and then over at Ryan getting ready to walk in, I was sobered by how fast the years have gone. It really does feel like just yesterday we were two little kids playing together. I'm sure even more so for my parents. It is sobering because I have a son & a daughter of my own. And in a blink of an eye that could be Chris walking Taylor down the ailse or my being seated by the groom, Trevor. Wow- that sure does but those whiny, teething days in perspective. I've heard the Mahaney's say that as parents we have the responsibilities to prepare our children for two days. The day they stand before the Lord and the day they get married. I pray that by God's grace Chris & I would adequately prepare them for both.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Jones! Welcome to the Family Danae!

Taylor was the perfect flower girl.... if I don't say so myself :-)

Nana & Taylor

The Family!

Dancing as Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dinner Rehershal

The Big Day is Here!! After tonight, I will have a new sister & my children will gain an aunt. How exciting! God was gracious to me and as of last night my dress still fit. For reasons I no longer know, I thought it would be a good idea if I skipped getting a maternity dress and just ordered a couple sizes bigger in the skirt & top Danae had picked out. It seemed like a good idea and really proved to be one all the way till this last weekend. Then Monday came and in just a matter of days I had a growth spurt and I could no longer fit into my top. Let me rephrase, I could zip the top up but breathing was impossible!! Which might not have been so bad except Chris & I are singing in the wedding & breathing & singing are a must! I am so thankful for those who are more gifted than myself! On weds. I took my top in to a very talented seamstress at our church and she worked her magic. Thankfully she had some leftover scrapes from another bridesmaid dress and was able to open up the seams on the sides & add a little fabric. It was much better but still I knew that I really had to watch my food intake these past few days, a few pounds more & I would again not fit into the top. But I'm happy to report that as of last night it was a perfect fit!

Well I'm off to a bridal brunch & a day packed with activites!

Here are some pictures of the dinner rehershal.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Last Supper


I got quite a treat last night. Monday night's has been my brother's family night with my parents for the past year. On those nights Danae (his fiance') has done her family night with her parents as well. Occasionally Chris & I will join them. After dinner we'll put the kids to bed and watch 24.

Well, last night, with much thanks to Chris & my parents, I got to go out to dinner with my family. Yep, just the four of us Jones'! We affectionately called it the last supper. While we were there Chris went to my parents house and put the kids to bed and when we got back we watched 24 & the Suns (GO SUNS) game. I've been a little (ok maybe a more than a little as I fight back tears as I write this) sentimental this week, blame it on the pregnancy hormones combined with the wedding. But my little brother is getting married and I'm so excited for him! See growing up I really thought I was his second mom. Our mom had emergency open heart surgery six months after Ryan was born and I was 5. I knew from those around me that Ryan was just a baby and would be sad to not have his mom for awhile so I took on the role as his mommy, his little care giver. Granted I couldn't do much a 5 but those feelings of this is my brother and he needs me stuck with me as my mom returned home and throughout our childhood. (I could tell some funny stories of my trying to be big sister at 15 but I'll save that for later days) So I'm thankful that we have always been close, granted we had those teenage rebellious years where I could barely get him to speak more than a few words. But God moved in great ways in his life and Chris & I had the privilege of watching him turn from an immature 17 yr old to a mature Godly 22 year old! I have fond memories of calling Ryan around 11:00pm and seeing if he wanted to come over and order a pizza with Chris and I. We'd stay up late into the night and talk theology, sports, politics... girls :-)

I love you Bro! You are going to be a wonderful Husband! Sorry about the picture I couldn't resist :-) As thankful as I am to be apart of that last supper and I am even more thankful that God has brought a Godly young women into your life to be your helper. I look forward to many more supper's together as married couples!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let the Countdown Begin...

One week from today my little brother Ryan & Danae will be married! We had so much fun yesterday throwing her a personal shower! Here are a few pictures:

Here is my soon to be sister-in-law

And the two mothers... My mom is on the left

The three pregnant girls! My sister-in-law is on the left and is due in June. Erin & I are both due in August

We served food that were known to be aphrodisiacs :-)

Here is one example & my personal favorite!

More updates to come!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cleaning House

There are times when pride & fear of man work to my advantage. Like throwing a personal shower for my soon to be sister- in- law and having 20 people over, many who have never been to my house. Nothing like a little pride to motivate me to clean places & rooms that haven't seen the light of day in awhile :-) Now if no one could live in my house for the next 24hrs that'll be great...