Sunday, May 14, 2006

Married At Last

Ryan & Danae are married at last. It was a beautiful night! Full of candlelight & roses. They began the ceremony with a slideshow. I was standing on the other side of the sanctuary watching the pictures of Ryan as a child through the glass. Looking at the pictures and then over at Ryan getting ready to walk in, I was sobered by how fast the years have gone. It really does feel like just yesterday we were two little kids playing together. I'm sure even more so for my parents. It is sobering because I have a son & a daughter of my own. And in a blink of an eye that could be Chris walking Taylor down the ailse or my being seated by the groom, Trevor. Wow- that sure does but those whiny, teething days in perspective. I've heard the Mahaney's say that as parents we have the responsibilities to prepare our children for two days. The day they stand before the Lord and the day they get married. I pray that by God's grace Chris & I would adequately prepare them for both.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Jones! Welcome to the Family Danae!

Taylor was the perfect flower girl.... if I don't say so myself :-)

Nana & Taylor

The Family!

Dancing as Mr. & Mrs. Jones

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andrea said...

it WAS a beautiful wedding!

oh, check out my blog - there's this ADORABLE picture of me and trevor and mark converti took. :-)