Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dinner Rehershal

The Big Day is Here!! After tonight, I will have a new sister & my children will gain an aunt. How exciting! God was gracious to me and as of last night my dress still fit. For reasons I no longer know, I thought it would be a good idea if I skipped getting a maternity dress and just ordered a couple sizes bigger in the skirt & top Danae had picked out. It seemed like a good idea and really proved to be one all the way till this last weekend. Then Monday came and in just a matter of days I had a growth spurt and I could no longer fit into my top. Let me rephrase, I could zip the top up but breathing was impossible!! Which might not have been so bad except Chris & I are singing in the wedding & breathing & singing are a must! I am so thankful for those who are more gifted than myself! On weds. I took my top in to a very talented seamstress at our church and she worked her magic. Thankfully she had some leftover scrapes from another bridesmaid dress and was able to open up the seams on the sides & add a little fabric. It was much better but still I knew that I really had to watch my food intake these past few days, a few pounds more & I would again not fit into the top. But I'm happy to report that as of last night it was a perfect fit!

Well I'm off to a bridal brunch & a day packed with activites!

Here are some pictures of the dinner rehershal.

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anne said...

congrats to your family, esp. your brother and new wife! Hope the wedding was a blast!