Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Last Supper

I got quite a treat last night. Monday night's has been my brother's family night with my parents for the past year. On those nights Danae (his fiance') has done her family night with her parents as well. Occasionally Chris & I will join them. After dinner we'll put the kids to bed and watch 24.

Well, last night, with much thanks to Chris & my parents, I got to go out to dinner with my family. Yep, just the four of us Jones'! We affectionately called it the last supper. While we were there Chris went to my parents house and put the kids to bed and when we got back we watched 24 & the Suns (GO SUNS) game. I've been a little (ok maybe a more than a little as I fight back tears as I write this) sentimental this week, blame it on the pregnancy hormones combined with the wedding. But my little brother is getting married and I'm so excited for him! See growing up I really thought I was his second mom. Our mom had emergency open heart surgery six months after Ryan was born and I was 5. I knew from those around me that Ryan was just a baby and would be sad to not have his mom for awhile so I took on the role as his mommy, his little care giver. Granted I couldn't do much a 5 but those feelings of this is my brother and he needs me stuck with me as my mom returned home and throughout our childhood. (I could tell some funny stories of my trying to be big sister at 15 but I'll save that for later days) So I'm thankful that we have always been close, granted we had those teenage rebellious years where I could barely get him to speak more than a few words. But God moved in great ways in his life and Chris & I had the privilege of watching him turn from an immature 17 yr old to a mature Godly 22 year old! I have fond memories of calling Ryan around 11:00pm and seeing if he wanted to come over and order a pizza with Chris and I. We'd stay up late into the night and talk theology, sports, politics... girls :-)

I love you Bro! You are going to be a wonderful Husband! Sorry about the picture I couldn't resist :-) As thankful as I am to be apart of that last supper and I am even more thankful that God has brought a Godly young women into your life to be your helper. I look forward to many more supper's together as married couples!

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Margaret said...

I found your site through Xanga. I loved the picture of the 3 of you pregnant ladies, too cute!! I had my first child, a boy, in September. I just moved here to Arizona, and my twin sis and I plan on being pregnant together someday. Take care.