Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Firstborn

As I lie awake restless at midnight, I am reminded that it was four years ago at this exact time, my water broke. Chris and I had just gotten home & settled from my brother's high school graduation. During the nine months I had promised my family & Ryan that I would not go into labor during his graduation nor would I miss it. Yes, bold statements I know. But it sounded good and gave them peace in the meantime. It was kind of Taylor and the Lord to grant us this request. I remember lying in bed wondering if my water really had broke. Sounds strange and I'll spare you the details but I couldn't figure out what was going on. All my nine months of reading books and birth preparations classes seemed far from me at the moment. I called my friend Tiffanie, who had just given birth herself and happens to be a nurse. I explained to her what happened and asked her or more begged her, WHAT DO I DO? She calmly replied " Well Tara, go get Chris & your suitcase cause you are about to have a baby." Haha, we still laugh about this midnight conversation. Poor Chris was on the couch with a stomach ache. His first reaction was a half asleep "can't this wait till the morning?" But he quickly woke up and realized that there was no stopping labor for his stomach ache. And we were off. Labor was long but thanks to the kind folks who invented the epidural the birth was pain free. Our little girl was born and came into the world with a strong set of lungs and lots of personality! Life, thankfully, has never been the same. She is completely full of life, has so much joy, constantly makes us laugh & fills our house with songs that she makes up as she goes. She is also incredibly bright & beautiful! I recount today God's goodness to us in entrusting Taylor to Chris & I, two sinners in need of Grace! Thank you Lord for the gift of Taylor! Happy 4th Birthday My Sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

I remember band practice before the service and the crackers! Isnt the Lord so good? You guys are great parents and God has faithfully brought your wonderful ministry so far. Happy B-Day Tara Jr.

Anonymous said...

This child has brought more joy to our lives than you can imagine.