Saturday, May 27, 2006

Off To New Attitude!

That's right New Attitude has arrived! Tonight in Kentucky the conference will begin. Ok so I'm not exactly off in the sense of physically off. Unlike my husband and many of the singles in our church I did not board a plane at 8:00am this morning. And unlike the others my name will not appear on the registration list. And again unlike the others I won't be there to hear the messages. So how can I, wife of a singles pastor, mother of two and one on the way be apart of NA? Through joining many other saints and lifting up prayer for this conference. Growing in this spiritual discipline has helped me embrace my call as a wife and mother. See before kids and really even before number two came I was able to attend most everything with Chris. I had to adjust my mind & attitude when he began to leave for not only conferences but worship practice, ministry meetings and even Sunday mornings without me. The Lord has done & continues to do a work in my heart showing me that there are other ways I can be apart of Chris ministry then what I have known in the past. Let's say God has given me a New Attitude :-) So my love & singles of our church ( as well as singles abroad attending) I am praying that the Lord will meet you in amazing ways. That hearts will be freshly convicted through the God's word & biblical friendship will be deepened. You will be missed but I can't wait to hear all about it upon your return!


Jon & Jenni said...


thanks so much for writing this. It has provoked me to pray harder for my hubby while he has been away. Thank you for your example of a Godly wife and mother.

Anna said...

Tara, thank you so much both for praying for us - personally, that blesses me incredibly when people let me know they are praying for me! - and for your provoking and inspiring example as you faithfully serve Chris and your family, and through them, the church and all us at NA. We had a blast, and more importantly, were amazed by the cross, convicted of sin, and challenged in our walks - and our community group would not have had The Best Community Group Leader in the Galaxy, did he not have The Bestest Community Group Leader's Wife in the Galaxy. =) Thank you so much!