Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good friends are hard to find....

How cute are these girls? We celebrated Taylor's fourth birthday on Saturday and had planned a party with a couple of kids but at the last minute three of the four left town. I admit I was disappointed for the last minute cancellations. Actually I could write a whole post of the sin that was revealed and what the Lord has been teaching me... but I will stick with one story at a time. So.... at least we still had Molly. Molly isn't just any old cute redhead friend. Her mom & I have been friends since I was 14 yrs old. She was a new believer and I had recently rededicated my life. Together we took on studying the scripture & what it meant for our lives. We dated two guys who were best friends. Then we were there for one another when it was broken off. I was in her wedding, she was in mine a few years later. I was one of the first she called to say she was pregnant and six weeks later she was one of the first I called (parents aside for both of us of course) when I found out I was pregnant. Although life has often taken us in different directions and different churches we still maintain contact. She has always been one of those friends where months could go by and in one conversation we are caught up and it feels like no time has passed. I am grateful to God for her friendship and grateful that our girls can friends together and Lord willing they will have a biblical friendship one day like their moms!

Here's some pictures from our "messy" themed party!

Here the girls are getting ready for some painting activities

Then they did a little swimming to get cleanend off!

Finally we came inside where they decorated cupcakes and then made a mess eating them. So did their mom's but I'll leave those pictures out :-)


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor! Hey, did you make cupcakes in ice cream cones? My mom did that for me when I was around that age. It's a cute idea!

Tara said...

Yep we did cupcakes in ice cream cones! It was fun... actually I kept messing them up. The first batch I put to much batter in the cones and they spilled out all over the place, the second batch I didn't put enough and the third batch was just right :-) So we ended up with a few cones and I resorted to muffin cups for the fourth batch.

Karen Hevesy said...

Several times my kids have chosen to have one or two friends and do something special, rather than a big house party. I was admiring your cupcakes but I was more jealous that it is warm enough to swim there! We're still wearing jackets in the morning. My daughter said last night, "Don't you just love that Fall smell" I replied , yes, if it isn't the end of MAY. Happy Birthday to Taylor.