Monday, November 16, 2009

Taylor's Before & After

Here she is so sad...

Her hair is long again and getting hard to brush without tears. She's been begging her mom to let her get side bangs for some time now. Poor girl with long beautiful hair. I don't feel sorry for her. But I feel sorry for myself and the work I have to go through to get her long beautiful hair brushed out. So off we went to Arizona Hair Company.

She told the lady exactly what she wanted...

and I think she likes it...

really likes it :)

and so do I.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Well this is the first official Christmas season for my Tara D Photography business and things are in full swing! I been enjoying the challenge of large groups, making kids laugh and then going home to do my best to edit the photo's that captures the mood and feel of the session.

Apparently I'm good for only keeping up one blog for the time being :)

Check out for my most recent work.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Trick or Treat


This year we spent some time trick or treating with our neighbors! It was lots of fun seeing all the kids dressed up and their wide eyes when candy was poured into their bag :) Although we can't and don't support halloween and what it stands for, we do enjoy decorating pumpkins and taking the opportunity to build relationships with our neighbors. I mean really how often can you go door to door with your kids, meet your neighbors (I even got some phone numbers & e-mails) and have that not be weird!

Look at all my candy!!

Costumes in Action :)

these little ones were precious... two different grandma's bought the same bee costume for their granddaughters, who happen to be next door neighbors :)

"H" wanted to be in front directing everyone for our group picture

mom got her to move :)

Sticker Craft

I loved this idea from bkids! My kids LOVE sticker art and it always feels like a waste to throw sheet after sheet away once they pile it onto blank paper!

Check out her pictures of the craft...

It gives me another reason to buy a glue gun :)

For specific instructions go here