Monday, November 21, 2005

The Best Day Of The Week

Chris has done a great job leading out family and has repeatedly taught Taylor that Sunday is the best day of the week. Why you might ask? Because we as a family have the privilege to go to the dearest place on earth and fellowship with the dearest people on earth, as CJ Mahaney, would say. So as we do every Sunday, Taylor wakes up and we tell her that today is Sunday and she replies with " The best day of the week?" Yes Taylor, the best day of the week. Now for a pastor's wife with two young children I can be tempted with all sorts of thoughts on this best day of the week. Really how hard can it be to get two children dressed and myself ready and out the door by 9:45? I ask myself that every week. But it's almost as if they know it's Sunday and mom's alone with the task of getting to church on time. Maybe that's why this Sunday Taylor decided to get into my nailpolish at 9:40 and proceed to paint her nails and her entire arms with the polish. I come in from loading up the car to a sheepish Taylor holding out her arms " Look mommy, I just wanted to be pretty for church." Ah yes Taylor and I just wanted to make it to church today without out any drama. Oh the idols of the heart! So although I agree wholeheartedly that Sunday is indeed the best day of the week it can also be the most sanctifing and I'm not referring to the Sunday message. Well I'm off to enjoy the second best day of the week- MONDAY!!! Chris' day off.

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