Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trevor & Jacob the Cheater

Today, as we do often on Saturdays, we went to the Rio Vista Park to hand out free lemonade, hot chocolate & paint faces. It continues to be an awesome way to meet people in the community & on more the one occasion it has lead to people visiting Grace Church & hearing the Gospel.

The kids love it. We park right in front of the playgrounds with sand toys, drinks, face paint and they play & play. Trevor made friends, as is normal for that kid, with some boys. Walking over I hear a kid say " my name is Jacob" to which Trevor replies "Jacob means cheater". To which I quickly jump in with, "In the bible buddy" and try to change the subject. There's a Sunday School fail if I ever saw one :) Hey Trevor let's not walk around the playground calling all Jacob's cheaters! Which I believe Jacob's name means deceiver, not cheater. That's not really any better though so I didn't see the need to correct him right there.

Anyway The kid says, "Oh you have a bible?" Trevor says, "Yeah we read it a lot." To which he responds with "I have a bible too. I used to read it every night with my mom. When I lived with her. I haven't seen her for months. I live with my dad now. I'm spending the weekend with my grandma though and she brought me to the Park." I told him he has one special Grandma and that he could read the bible any time he wants!! That's what's great about God's word! But inside my heart broke.

These are the kind of people we are coming into conduct with on a weekly basis. Kids from broken homes, Mom & dad's married and then remarried, then remarried again. All in need of a Savior to make sense of their world.

I had a great talk with the kids Grandma afterwards. So did many others from the church. She just might come to church with her Grandson she said. And to think it all started with a Sunday School lesson, learned by a (almost) five year old boy.


Bethyboo said...

Wow, that made me tear up. You have such a sweet son and my heart breaks for his little friend. Thank you for sharing. I am keeping your family and the Grace church in my prayers!

Brandy said...

That is so awesome, Tara. Thanks for sharing.

Doug said...

What a great story. I pray they visit