Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back From The Beach

We returned last week from an amazing 2 week vacation in Carlsbad, CA. It was the first time we have every taken two weeks for a vacation and let's just say it was glorious. Particularly for Chris. I found he was able to wind down from work by the end of the first week and then we had the second week to just relax and have fun as a family.

Lots of memories were made and of course more pictures then I know what to do with were taken.

First up: Beach

There's very little in life I find more relaxing then sitting on the beach, listening to the ocean, taking in it's vastness and breathing in fresh air. Every time we went down to the beach I found myself in awe of God and his creativity. Blue waters as far as the eye can see, waves that form just enough for humans to surf, but not so hard that they are crushed by them, shells for little ones to find, sand that sparkles like gold and at the end of the day a beautiful sunset illuminating it all.

The kids enjoyed the beach throughly. I'm thankful that they now instinctively know not to go to deep into the ocean, yet they aren't afraid to wade in the waters and play. This was by far the easiest year we've had taking the kids down to the beach. Chris and I took it all in. Reading, talking, listening to music while the kids played for hours. Next year will look a little different :)

more pictures to come...

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Amy said...

There really is nothing better than the beach! Beautiful pics! :)