Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know you have nothing better to do with your day then look at my hundreds of Legoland pictures so I'll make it short.

We took advantage of the unusually cold weather for California in July and spent a day at a theme park.

We rode rides.

We navigated boats.

Some under parental supervision.

We learned the rules of the road. And took it very seriously.

We conquered our fears. Dad made us.

This seems to help in the conquering....

We also rode roller coasters. No picture for this though. It was taken on Chris' iphone which took a dip in the pool with Chris a few days later. In the spirit of keeping it short, pictures gone.

We sat by lego created men and touched their knees...

A Girl.

Bob the builder.

We stared in shows.

Had our pictures taken afterwards.

Some lines got long.

But it was worth it to get wet.

Ahem, for them to get wet :)

A picture just to prove I really was there.

After spending the entire day and evening at lego land walking miles we spent the next day doing nothing but this:

The End.

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