Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trevor's Seashell Store

My Son turned entrepreneur in Carlsbad. I always knew he had it in him. He's been obsessed with money since he was 2. After two days of endlessly searching and collecting seashells or pieces of seashells he decided to open up a shop. One morning we were out sitting on the common green area of the resort. There really isn't a better name for this place. We had finished up our family morning walk and grabbed some books to read. Trevor asked if he could set out all his shells on one of the smaller tables and look at them all. As he began to set them out he had the idea of opening a store. I was hesitant but Chris, being the good dad he is, encouraged him in this pursuit. Taylor made a sign and he waited and waited. Occasionally he would say "come to trevor's seashell shop" I was about to give up when lo and behold a customer came by. Apparently inspired by Trevor this gentleman gave Trevor a whole dollar for a couple shells. That was it he was hooked. For the next few days the routine went like this. Head to the beach, Trevor would search endless for shells and then set up shop the next morning.

Here he is negotiating with some customers...

The kid has a line!!! lol.

One morning we woke the kids up earlier then normal and took a walk on the beach. The tide was lower then it is during the afternoon making it easier to find shells. The whole family got in on the action.

Chris was proud of his find.

I liked mine the best :)

All in all I think he made like $20.00! Crazy huh? I was proud of the little guy. Proud of his creativity and proud of how hard he worked each day scouring the sand. And well thank you God for allowing him to see some reward. He was so darn cute I would've given him money myself if other's hadn't have come. He's been quite generous with his money too. He bought us all frozen yogurt and a few other things for his sisters at the toy shop :) Here's to seeing how God will use him in the future :)


Andrea said...

that is one of the cutest things EVER!!! i tell ya, seeing kids with little lemonade stands or seashell stands makes me wish i carried cash more often.

and ohmygoodness reading about how he used the money just made me go "aaaawwww!!!" SO ADORABLE!

Briana Almengor said...

That is so great, Tara. My hubby dreams of sons like this. I'm going to have him read this post; he'll love it. THat is pretty awesome that he made that much money and that he has been so generous with it!

Doug said...

He tried so hard to buy me something. JoAnn and I had to talk him down off the edge of buying us all a coke from the machine. He was begging. I think it was more about him giving than the coke. I look forward to the next shop.