Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grace Church Feast

This past weekend we threw the party of all parties. The Grace Church Christmas Feast! Man, oh man, was it a feast. Some members of our church love to cook, they are REALLY good at it and offered to cook for everyone. I offered my kitchen and house :) The night before we had a crew come and chop, slice, dice ect! Here's the menu just to give you an idea of what a feast it was:

Homemade egg rolls (that fried in their turkey fryer)
Grilled & Breaded Shrimp
Braised Ribs
Grilled Fish (with the head still on! I guess guys think that's cool)
Cashew Chicken
Korean Pork
Basil Fried Rice (my personal favorite)
Stir Fried Veggies

Then a whole slew of desserts! The group went caroling beforehand. Sorry no pictures. I stayed behind to get the house & dinner ready. But I've heard stories, it sounded like fun! Ok so back to the food.... the feast!
Here's the mastermind! Well part of the mastermind. Her other half is missing from the picture.

Afterwards the kids went upstairs and worked on a craft. A present for Dad & Mom!

They also prepared a little re-enactment of the Christmas Story. So cute!

Trevor was a wiseman, more like a wiseguy :)

The church surprised us by honoring Chris for the way he has lead the church plant/church over the past couple of months. Sarah took my camera and snapped some pictures. I'm such a proud wife :)

After that it was dessert and coffee. People hung out and fellowshiped into the night. Chris had put lights out on the trampoline and that kept the kids busy for quite some time!

Jim, with the Santa Hat, is the other half of the mastermind behind the Feast!

Jeff, our friend & Grace Church member, built two snow machines from scratch. The kids loved all the fake snow. It's not quite the same as the real thing.

The after Christmas party consisted of Dale, our worship leader, playing songs he wrote! He's so gifted!

The after, after party consisted of Chris & I playing some songs.

Then it got late. And we laughed, and laughed.

And Jeff got it all on video... which is scary :)

Then I realized it was 12:30 and ALL of our kids were still up!

We kicked everyone out and slept for days :) No, actually we went to bed and celebrated Christ birth again at Grace Church the next day! Ah, it's good to be apart of Grace Church!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!

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