Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Look Mom"

"Look Mom!" That's what I hear while talking with some friends at our PE co-op. I look over and there's Trevor riding a two wheel bike on the basketball court.

"Buddy when did you learn how to ride a bike?!?"

I don't know I guess I got off easy with this child. He just sat on the bike and off he went. Starting, stopping, & turning. I can't say I'm surprised as he's my athletic one.

We came home and he told Chris that he could ride a bike now and he wanted his training wheels off. I was a little nervous cause his bike at home is a bit bigger then the one he was riding at PE but sure enough off he went like it's something he's been doing his whole life.

As he was riding around the street he kept saying "God has given me a gift! A gift of balance!" So sweet :) I think I know what we are going to be doing during these final days of decent weather!

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The Martins said...

This guy seems to catch on quick with most things! fun!