Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PE Days

The school year is finishing up. Well for some people I guess. I've learned that it's common in the homeschool world to continue some subjects into the summer. We'll be doing a little math through June & finishing up our history as well. But for the most part we'll join the rest of the world in taking a summer break.

As we conclude the year Trevor & Rylee can count to 100! Trevor is reading but rather not. He loves math & science. He could watch seeds grow and do different experiments all day long. And Rylee, who's just tagged along all year, surprised me the other day by reading a few words out of a Bob book on her own. Both are growing in writing as well.

Taylor, she's still bright as ever and constantly challenges me with her questions.

This year we joined a PE group that took place on friday afternoons. It was a great place for the kids to get all their energy out, learn the basics of sports and good sportsmanship and I was able to make some new friends too :) Each month was a different sport. Hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball and of course water games in May.

We had our end of the year party last friday. I got my first taste of 100 degree weather pregnant. God help me :) Anyway here's some pictures of the kids in PE throughout the year!

Rylee made a new friend. These girls are like long lost sisters. When Rylee's hair was long they looked like they could be twins. The two played on the swings & the playground while their older siblings did PE. But by the end of the year they began to join in and "do" PE with the older kids.

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