Friday, September 17, 2010

A Shower for Alexie

Last weekend my friends from church threw a shower for Alexie. It was very special! Walking in one could tell a lot of thought and planning went into this. We started with a delicious dinner. Then it was on to dessert & presents. Taylor was so cute while helping me open presents. I am so thankful for all the gifts but Taylor's shrieking and excitement over every sock & girly thing was precious. After presents they spent time encouraging me in this next season of four kids with scripture and said such kind words. Makes me wonder if they really know me :) Afterward they had picked out a few worship songs they knew were my favorite and we all sang together. I so enjoyed seeing all my new friends and a few of my lifelong friends in one room. Also, Taylor had so much fun with her friends that came with their moms. It was another picture to me of how God has been faithful. I love our church and the group of ladies God has given us. I could see spending the rest of my life learning from them, raising our kids together and bringing Glory to God! I pray that would be his will for some of us!

Here are some pictures from the evening. Most of them are taken by my friends Megan & Sarah.

One my dad snapped before we left my house.

A friend who has been through the anticipation of all four daukas kids. Love you friend!! Thanks for making the hour drive in traffic to be with me! Means so much!

Taylor made all sorts of gifts for Lexie with those who are talented in ways I am not. She made a blanket with Deb and some burp cloths and a onesie with Ruth! Thanks girls for teaching Taylor and helping her create such special gifts!

The awesome cake my friend Ruth made. The pink doesn't really show up in this picture. By this time the sun had long gone down and the lighting wasn't all that great. But it looked and tasted sooo good :)

Hard to read on blogger... but the sign when you walked in was handmade by Sarah and spelled out Alexie Jane.

Sarah had hand painted this tree for Lexie's room. It matches the colors in her quilt. My friends all put a fingerprint in pink paint and by it wrote a verse for her. I loved this idea and will treasure this painting!

They knew both my mom and I needed to keep our legs up when sitting due to our vein issues. Ha. Like mother, like daughter! Ah my poor legs... they are barely holding up and seem to look worse with each passing week. Almost done legs!

Finally my friends know how excited I am to take newborn photo's of my own baby girl. So they decorated the gift table with different things that could be used in taking pictures of her. So thoughtful!

Thank you so much dear friends for blessing me in such a way! I feel so loved. Now I just need my girly to arrive :)


kiersten said...

I love the tree with fingerprints and verses. So encouraging to see those who's hands will be there to support you with this new venture!!! Excited for you!

Rebekah said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there to celebrate the impending arrival of your newest girlie! It makes me so very happy to see how well loved and cared for you are. It is no surprise, though. You are loved wherever you go, my friend!