Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nesting & Waiting

This past month has been quite exciting. In the midst of all my incessant nesting there have been a few hospital trips. One for bleeding and the other for Lexie's heart rate being to high at a routine check up. The girl was doing all sorts of crazy moves and her heart rate would spike up to 200 or 210. Fairly high! I was told I have one active girl. Both times we checked out ok and I was sent home. Home to wait. I can't say I particularly enjoy going to the hospital before it's time to give birth. Actually by God's grace something I've never done up until this pregnancy. But it has forced me to cast my fears and place my trust in God's sovereign care.

In addition to hospital trips there have been tons of sleepless nights. I know it's silly because I've done it three times before but I totally forgot how hard the last couple of weeks are. It takes me about 15 to 20 min. to get comfortable and by the time I get to that point I have to pee again :) I know it's all worth it. Which is probably why the aches and pains of the end are easy to forget.

A couple weeks ago my parents came up for a few nights. In addition to spending the weekend helping my brother and sister-in-law move into a new place, my dad spent another day helping Chris move beds, dressers and assemble the crib. What a servant! My mom and I had a grand time decorating! After contemplating how we should arrange the rooms, on my many sleepless nights, we settled on moving Trevor & Rylee together. It was a risk. Put our bad sleeper with our best sleeper. So far it's gone great. And our bad sleeper has slept better having his sister in his room. Praise God! Plus it's helped me sleep a little better having some of these things done. Just a little.

Alexie's room is ready and waiting. We all are.

So excited to meet you little one.


Anonymous said...

Someone gave me that same dress in the last picture! Isn't it cute? The nursery is adorable. Love the quilt. Hope you have no more trips to the hospital until you're ready to deliver!

Doug said...

Your family makes serving a joy. Can not remember when I had that much fun. Oh yeah when Austin was born. Grandkids make our world a lot more fun

Amy said...

I so wanted you to say something about your diaper bag...love love it! :) I love the pics you captured and how you words things...so creative! Can't wait to see her! :)

elizabeth rae said...

Didn't have the bleeding problem, but Jessica's heart rate spiked, too. So, since you know Jess, don't anticipate that Lexie will be bouncin' around... just sure of where she wants to be and of her comfort level in that place! Be blessed, Mommy and little one... :o)

elizabeth rae said...

FYI... elizabeth rae is a pen name :o) Dee