Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy 11

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. It did. And it does. I am so unbelievably grateful for my husband. He has far surpassed any dream I had for what I thought marriage would be.

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We laugh. We cry. Ok I cry and he listens.
We compete at games. He always wins. I let him. After 11 years I've found it's best.
We disagree. We have conflict. We talk. Talk some more. Pray.
Reconcile. Make up. I like that part.
We work hard. HE works hard. Hard late into the night and days serving the Lord and His church.
Then we rest. Sweet, blessed rest. And we recount God's goodness to us.
Four amazingly beautiful children.
For today, we are alive and healthy.
We are best friends.
We are married.
Thank you God.

Happy 11 years baby.


papajones said...

Thank you God, I am a happy Dad

Rebekah said...

Happy happy anniversary to one of our very VERY favorite couples ever. Hope today is one of rest and fun and recounting all that God has done in and through you these past 11 years.

CarrieLovesKeith said...

Happy anniversary! Love you guys!

Sophia Totra said...

...and to think when I met you guys, you'd only been married 3 years?? :) you're a wonderful example. We love you!!