Friday, July 05, 2013

On My Way- EP Chris & Tara

Hello everyone!! I'm sitting here anxiously watching this...

Yep waiting for that little plane to land. As I wait I have something I'm excited to share! After 13+ yrs of singing and writing with my husband we FINALLY have something to put up online of our music and say, "Here! Listen and check this out!" Our friend Dale offered his studio and time as a birthday present for my husband and I am now there forever, family photographer. :) We titled the EP On My Way. Since Chris and Taylor can say "I'm on my way to Africa" it's fitting.

First track is:

On My Way- Our friends Jason (electric), Mark (cello) and Andy (drums) do such a wonderful job adding to Chris and I's guitar/piano tracks. In hindsight we kind of wish we would've played it a little faster but it gets there in the bridge section. It's a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. Lexie walks around sing/saying "On My Way"

Not Ours To Keep- Features Taylor! I started writing this song after reading Kisses from Katie. A outstanding and inspiring book! Taylor read it as well and wrote the second verse to this song. She did a great job singing lead on this song! It almost didn't make it on the album as we were running out of time. You should know she did her vocal at 11:30pm in about one take. That's not easy for an adult, trust me I know, let alone a 11yr old! Good job Tay!

Look Up- I wrote this last spring in thinking about my mom. I actually wrote it about a week before she went in the hospital and almost died. It was looking like their house that they bought (two doors down) was going to fall through and I was despairing in the waiting. Little did I know that God would use this song over and over again to keep reminding me to "look up" and remember his goodness as I would wait to see if she would live or die. Kind of what I'm having to do now as I wait for Chris & Tay to land, minister, and return. I am so honored to have Mark (cello) play on this song too. He did a fabulous job and really makes it!

So I invite you to download this music FOR FREE. Just take the tip button and scroll it all the way down to 0! Put in your e-mail. They in return give it to me so I can contact you with future music we post. Then you'll get a activation code to download and you are done. That's it! If you however want to tip, awesome! Thanks! All funds go towards paying for this trip. But honestly we are just honored if you'd download and give it a listen it's only taken us 13 years to do something like this. Pretty please. Now. Seeing how many downloads we have gives me something to obsess about other then watching a plane fly on my computer over the Mediterranean Sea :)

Chris & Tara Artist Page

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