Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Taylor and Cinderella

Tiffanie & I took Taylor and Jack this week to see Cinderella at Hale Theatre! Taylor was in heaven. Jack wasn't doing so bad himself either... he was practically the only boy repesenting out of millions of little girls wanting to find their prince :-) Of course he's taken. This is a picture of Taylor and I with the girl who played Cinderella. I had a great time with Taylor! It's been awhile since just her and I have done something together. She calls them dates. She has lots of dates with Daddy but it's not often the I leave Trevor behind to go out with her. After this weekend though I'm convinced it's something her and I need to do more often!

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Jeff McFadden said...

Welcome to blogspot Tara. It's nice to see you've come over from the dark side.

See ya Friday...