Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gearing up for the Retreat

Birthday Celebration over for now, it will resume for a night on sunday when we celebrate with my family. Chris and I went to the Keg where I had a free steak & lobster dinner card! Perhaps some of the finest food I've eaten in a long time. Then we returned to Gainey Ranch and recounted all the ways the Lord has been faithful to us this past year. But enough about my birthday we've got a singles retreat to prepare for people!! I've got loads of laundry going, on my way to by enough smores' for 180 people ( no we don't have that many people coming.... it's just in case we want seconds or thirds), putting the finishing touches on my contentment breakout session, and praying that the kids don't get sick in the next 24 hrs! Chris is faithfully studying and writing his sermons out on our big comfy chair, a place he has spent most nights as of late! Yes the long awaited singles retreat is almost here, ok at least it's been long awaited in this household! I think our neighbors are excited for it to be over- we've still have all of our christmas decorations out and they don't stand a chance of coming down until monday, our trash can is outside, should've been brought in on monday and well if anyone was to crash us right now it wouldn't be a pretty sight and once again it doesn't stand a chance of looking pretty till monday :-) Pray for us this weekend. On a blogging break until we return!

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Anna said...

Wow - thanks so much for all the preparation and care that went into the retreat! God was really working in my heart this weekend - especially through your message. Thank you! :)