Friday, February 10, 2006

God's Grace At Work

Last weekend we had a women's seminar on Loving Your Husbands. It was a wonderful time and there were some areas of sin in my life that was brought out. One being my attitude when Chris arrives home from work. My attitude has been "Oh good your home, now you can help me". Being pregnant has only amplified my struggle. I have been more sick with this one than with the other two. Nothing to terrible but I have had bouts of nausea, mostly in the evening, and major fatigue. The conference helped me so how selfish my attitude has become. Especially since the Lord has called me to care for the home & children not Chris. Now having the wonderful loving husband that I have he comes home from work eager to serve me & the kids. But I need and want to have that same eagerness in serving him when he gets home. So... I had a perfect opportunity this week to embrace my call as a wife/Pastor's wife and joyful take on the full load of work while he traveled to Maryland to take a class with our Sr. Pastor at the Pastor's College. I have been a little anxious for this particular trip because of how sick I've been feeling. But in ending my 13th week, I have hardly felt nauseous and the Lord has graciously sustained my energy. He also graciously brought some help along. It has been a fun week with the kids & I've even gotten to some projects in our house that have been in need of my attention. Yes, God's grace was there but I do eagerly await his return tonight. And this time with a God-glorifying attitude!


Danielle said...

I'm so glad the Lord's sustained you while your husband's been away. I know exactly what you're talking about, in this post. I work outside of the home and get home a good hour or so later than my husband. My husband is so thoughtful to often start or make all of dinnner so we actually have some time in the evening to not be working. However, I've come to expect this sort of treatment and to actually become angry if he doesn't help me in this way. I know I need to accept him blessing me this way, but not expect/or demand it!!

Tara said...

What a blessing it is to have husbands who lead by their example!

Laurie said...

Congratulations on the baby! I remember this temptation well. I still face it on days when homeschooling doesn't go well Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the grace available to keep being his helper all day...and all night.