Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Review

Phew were we tired this morning! Not only did we throw a big birthday bash for Trevor yesterday but Chris also preached the Sunday morning message. It's no wonder we both woke up this morning hung over on fun :-) We had such a great weekend. On Saturday night we were invited by our friends the Hansen's to go to a pizza joint. Here's a picture of Abby & our two.

On Sunday we went to a park by our house for another train themed party. Trevor did great and had such a wonderful attitude during his party. I was very blessed by that considering that wasn't the case for most of the morning. He loved opening presents and said a cute thank you, next present please after each one. Too funny. Thanks to all who were able to come out and celebrate. We are truly blessed to have such amazing family and group of friends!

And now for a slew of pictures... sorry there were just too many good ones!

My friend Ruth made this amazing cake. Thanks so much Ruth. Trevor, as you know, loved it!

Spidey-man, Trev's new love, superheroes! The party was close to being a superhero theme but trains still won out in the end.

Rylee had a great time. She was quite the busy body. I was thankful for all who helped keep an eye on her!

These three play almost every day. Even though Lauren is mostly Taylor's friend, trevor just loves playing with her too!

This wasn't a party just for kids... the adults enjoyed themselves quite a bit too. I wonder who will e-mail me first making me take this picture off ;-)

Ah, one tired birthday boy. Snuggled up in his new PJ's from Gram Russo, new robe from tay,tay and a brand new blanket made by nana jones!


Brandy said...

Ethan and Trevor are two of the cutest cousins I have ever seen! And you are so right - Trevor had such great manners at his party. He is such a sweetheart. We are so blessed to have shared that day with you and all your friends and family. Happy Birthday, big guy!

Anonymous said...

try to resist the pleads from the ladies. I think the swing picture is a keeper.

Tara said...

Brandy, Chris & I came home and were commenting on how well Ethan & Trevor play! They are so cute together!

Dad- will do ;-)

Shawnda said...

ahhh! The cake is fun! What a sweet friend!

I cannot believe how BIG Rylee is!!! She's a TODDLER! When did she grow up??!!! : ) When will she be 2?