Monday, February 04, 2008

Rainy days, strep throat and a promise in the midst of it all

Well it's been a crazy week, again. The goal for us is continuing forward in getting our house on the market. And although we've made amazing progress there have been some hurdles that you just can't help. Like rain, pouring rain, on a scheduled shovel rock day. But we made up for lost time this weekend with some help from friends. One thing we've needed to do was fix our floors. We put in pergo flooring a few years ago and over time, as this type of flooring is known to do, it began to separate in a few places. Well for us the one place it choose to separate was smack dab in the middle of the kitchen walkway. NO, it did not chose some unnoticeable place off in the corner, it has made itself known. So Chris and some guys pulled up the floors this weekend and hammered that part back together. The scary thing was that they no longer make our color flooring. So if something went wrong in the pulling up or putting back together we'd be in trouble. Thankfully it all went very smoothly and looks great!

On my end I'm finding getting the house ready and as clean as it can be feeds into a natural idol of mine. The "wanting things clean and organized all the time" idol. Which really comes in handy at times like these but I've seen the effect on my soul and it's not good. So I'm eager to again trust the Lord with the selling of our house and to devote more time to him and not my house. Not every baseboard, door and smudge on the floor has to be wiped clean all the time. It's an exhausting idol to keep up with for sure... especially with little idol killers running around all day.
Two Missing Teeth Taylor stayed home from school with a sore throat on Thursday. She improved as the day went on and said she felt better. I sent her off to school on Friday and she came home completely covered with a rash. A strep throat rash. You may not have known that such a rash exists but I did, as she's had this before. Dr. confirmed my suspicion and we stayed home and indoors for 48 hrs. We'll we were back to the Dr. again today with Rylee. She's got another double ear infection and possible strep. He didn't test her because she already needed antibiotics. So the rest of us are just waiting to see what God has in store for our health. Hopefully we can escape this mess free and clear :-)
Today ended beautifully. After a long, dreary, rainy day (in more ways than one) God blessed us with a double rainbow! The kids were super excited, thanks mom for the call! It is nice to be reminded of God's love and care for his children and that his presence is ever near in the midst of a storm.

"Bring here your empty pitcher! Surely this well will fill it. Hurry, gather up your wants, and bring them here- your emptiness, your woes, your needs. Behold, this river of God is full for your supply; what else can you desire? Go forth, my soul, in this your might. The Eternal God is your helper!" spurgeon, m&e

*for an even cooler photo of today's rainbow check out my very talented friend Luz.


Briana Almengor said...

very cool rainbow! We're in a similar boat w/ illness...though, we are NOT selling our house. I can only imagine what an extra stressor that is for you. Sounds like there is much grace being poured out on you, though, to respond in a way that is glorifying God. Thank you for your encouragement via testimony to GOd's faithfulness to you and your family!

Dad said...

what a great picture. What a great house. what a great bunch of kids you have

Anonymous said...

ah yes... "the little idol killers" :)

i have three of them here too - thwarting my desire for a perfectly presentable house. i was so encouraged by an email from a friend saying, that when they sold their house, the couple who ended up buying came on a rainy day when she was home with the kids and everything a wreck. God is bigger than a clean house, isn't He?! :)

praying for you in the midst of this season of buying/selling!
may we trust His sovereignty in providing a buyer, rather than our attempts at securing one!