Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recent Pictures for Father's Day

For Father's day I gave all the father's in my life a new picture of our three daukas kids. I found a frame at hallmark that could record their voices and I had 10 seconds to get each kid to say "I love you Daddy (or Papa)" . Much to my amazement they each cooperated with joy! The finished product turned out beautifully and the gift was well received. I'm so thankful for the men in my children's life. They are blessed to have a father who leads them in devotions, is an example of Godliness and servanthood and loves to just be silly and play with them. They're Papa's are two men who also give of themselves sacrificially and take every moment they can to build memories with their grandkids!

Now getting a picture of the three of them did not go quite as well. Rylee screamed every time I put her down and when I resorted to standing she'd just ran away crying and Trevor would at least sit there but had no desire to be repositioned or smile. Thankfully by God's grace I got one good shot of the three of them.

Here are a few other ones that I liked:

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Brandy said...

Papa D played the message in his frame for us on Sunday and it was SOOOO cute!! I can't believe you got them all in there. And the picture came out so beautifully...when is it time for our next sitting? :~)