Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Rylee Post

I realized the other day that I haven't updated on Rylee in a long time. We have so enjoyed seeing her personality develop over the past year. She's a very delightful, spunky, good natured little toddler. If I ask her to do something 9 times out of 10 she'll say "Ok mommy". No joke, she makes me look like such a great parent! I need to get it on video before it stops :-) She follows her sister & brother around the house always trying to get in with whatever they are doing. She's right there on the floor wrestling daddy with the other two whenever he's home.

Yes Rylee is making her presence known these days. She really made her presence known on Sunday morning during the child dedication. It's been a few years since our church has done one and boy were there a lot of babies to pray over! Rylee was definitely on the older side and I wasn't quite sure how she's was going to do being held (tightly) in front of her favorite place at church, the stage. Whenever we've crashed Chris preparing for a single's meeting or if by chance she escapes on a sunday morning, the stage is where she wants to be. Well while Rich was speaking on what a child dedication is and isn't, Rylee looks out into the audience spots my parents a few rows back and very loudly shouts, "PAPA, HI PAPA!" Waving and all. Everyone laughs and as soon as the laughter dies down she yells, "NANA, HI NANA!" Rich made some comment like, apparently some are more comfortable than others being up here. That's my girl. During the remaining time she said hi, in her quite voice like I asked her to use, to some other people, said I love you mommy and gave me a hug and pushed Chris away when he tried to take her with a "no daddy, no!"

Luz happened to catch a shot of her in action:

Rylee has also taken to singing. She has begun learning some of the songs that I have a tendency to play over & over. The Come Weary Saints cd is one that we I have had going constantly. Particularly track 5 & 11. Rylee will sit back there and try to sing those two songs along with the cd. Chris and I were laughing so hard the other day as she nailed the crescendo and key change on I Have A Shelter. She loudly sang in her own key "Ohhh".

The other thing Rylee likes to do is run. When she's lucky and I let her loose from her stroller she runs, fast, without looking back. She my explorer. I'll find her quietly hiding in my closet playing with her finds, or in my bathroom with my makeup, or in the kids bathroom in the, uh toilet. She has a fearless nature in her that I'm not used to seeing in a girl. Quite the opposite of Taylor. Yesterday while swimming in my parents pool she'd climb out of the pool, jump in off the ledge, I'd push her to the side and she'd climb out and jump in again. She must've done this about 25 times! That being said I have to keep a very close eye on her while swimming, her no fear could get her into trouble!!

Rylee I love your sweet voice, how you now initiate the I love you's, all your kisses & hugs and the way you sing your goodnight song with mommy. What joy you bring to our family!

Talking to nana on the phone, another fav!

all tuckered out from swimming!

she put this look together herself


Brandy said...

What a busy girl! I can definitley see that she will be tough...and beautiful just like her sister and mommy. Thanks for the update.

Carrie said...


Yeah, CJ was (loudly) asking for Uncle Chris to play the "gee-tar!!" when we were up there!

Shawnda said...

She's seems so precious!!! And she's SO CUTE!!! I can't believe how big she's gotten! She looks SO tall in that first pic running!

Hi! said...

Thanks for sharing these special moments. She is so precious!

Anonymous said...

She leaves us smiling every time she's near. She is fearless to a fault