Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Days

School has been back in session for almost a month now. It's always an adjustment getting everyone into a grove but a welcomed one. I have really enjoyed our structured mornings learning together. This year I picked out Taylor's curriculum, unlike last year where I used a packaged one. So far I have loved everything we're doing! It's not a surprise that her two favorites are reading & history. For this years literature program we are using Drawn into the Heart of Reading. It's been amazing. I give her three books on each genre we study and she's learning how to do character webs, traits, and retail the main point of each story. This year Taylor asked to learn latin. Yes you read that right, she asked me. Occasionally I wonder if she's my child. I found a great beginning latin program from Vertias Press and off she went. "Oremus".

I had one goal for Trevor. Read. He's shown signs of being ready but his little lightbulb wasn't going off. Well within the first week of beginning a structured reading program with him he started reading! It's been quite exciting seeing him progress. Yesterday we were driving and he was spelling out signs left and right. "STOP, mom stop!" "Keep Left, mom keep left" then he asked "Mom what does CVS spell?" Wasn't quite sure how to answer that one :) I find teaching my child to read as one of the greatest rewards as a mom!

What does Rylee do? She just kind of goes with the flow. She too knows all her letters and sounds but isn't quite ready to blend them together. I bet by the end of the year she'll be reading from watching Trevor. She's also getting really good at painting faces :)

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Jessica said...

Very impressive studies and good for Trevor on the reading - that is awesome. I bet Rylee will be reading in no time. I can't believe you can keep her busy while you are teaching - that is amazing. I am very impressed with your work, what an amazing mom you are!