Friday, September 18, 2009

Mrs. Boomsma

You may remember this post back in April. Well Saturday our dear friend Andrea tied the knot! Our kids were privileged to have been asked to be in the wedding. They had so much fun getting ready and opening their play bags Andrea had created for them (which was awesome Andrea). Andrea was the most beautiful bride I've seen in awhile. She was glowing inside & out! Their wedding was full of creative touches. Her husband Zach is a gifted musician and wrote music for the processional and their first dance. You should've seen all the girls while Andrea danced with Zach to the song he wrote. Not a dry eye in the room :)

Andrea, it was very evident as I looked out at ALL the people who were in attendance at your wedding how deeply you've affected so many. Including our family. You have served with your WHOLE heart during your single years! What an example you are and what a blessed man Zach is to have you as his wife.

Here's some pictures of the kids getting ready to make their big walk down the aisle.

I just love these shots of them playing. There were so many I had to throw a few together!

Taylor getting ready

Andrea had picked out these awesome bow-ties for the boys. I believe Trev is trying to negotiate here with Ms. Andrea. But Ms. Andrea is no stranger to Trevor's ways and she ends up winning :)

He looked like such a stud too

Janelle came in to say hi... ah two of my favorite people :)

The coveted basket. Rylee took her job seriously, throwing those flowers every which way. When the ceremony was over she insisted on going back down the aisle and picking them all up :)

Taylor was just a baby when Andrea first started baby-sitting her.

The ring. I wasn't so sure about this but was assured it would be fine. Trevor had the ring in his pocket and His job was to walk it down the aisle and give it to Zach in exchange for candy. A pretty fair trade for a kid. I was a little nervous of a repeat of this last wedding but as you can see the promise of candy did the trick. That and my repeating, "Trevor don't fall this time ok?" over and over to him.

The girls made it too just in case you were wondering... but you usually don't have to worry about them :)

We love you Mrs. B!

*props to my friend Ruth who made cake :)


Rebekah said...

MAJOR props to whomever made the cake! It's beautiful.

Trevor is looking so BIG now ... all traces of toddlerhood/little boy are gone, it seems!

Loved looking at the pics of Andrea with the kids ... she was obviously so calm and happy, to be able to play with them before the wedding!

Brandy said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding. And that cake was amazing!!! Your kiddos all looked awesome too.