Thursday, April 30, 2009

Andrea Party

We had our last official Gilbert date night tuesday night and it's only appropriate that our last sitter would be Andrea. She was also our first 4 1/2 years ago. Taylor was 2 and I was just barely pregnant with Trevor. Andrea had a chance to watch Taylor grow up over the years. She was Trevor's first sitter. And was the first one to get him to go to bed without him totally losing it. There was lots of leaving Trevor with him crying for us and Andrea pushing us towards the door saying "he'll be just fine". And he always was :) She welcomed in Rylee and walked her around in the bjorn & slings while getting the others to bed. All the while bringing movies, things to bake with the kids, books and a joyful servants heart. So as we neared our last night we prepared a suprise Andrea party. Taylor worked on making Thank You signs and even made this acrostic for her.

One of her favorite colors is green so the kids & I baked her a green cake. And I do mean the kids... the put in the drops and frosted it! Ok so she's not Mrs. Boomsma quite yet... but what engaged girl doesn't like seeing her new last name on a cake :)

The kids waited by the door with a green rose...


Then she came in and made me cry and off we went on our date :)

Andrea we love you & are indebted to your faithful, joyful serving of our family for these past four years. Not only are we thankful but our marriage is stronger because of the date nights you gave us. Thank you for giving of your time, your creativity with our children and for being our friend. I'll miss our times coming home from dates and sitting on our couch talking "guy" issues and other fun things going on in your life. We are excited for this upcoming new chapter in your life!


Brandy said...

I can't believe how sweet this is!

CarrieLovesKeith said...

AMEN, Andrea! We love you, too!! We could say all the same things... what a blessing you are!

I love that Taylor's acrostic includes "Red." Haha! I love making Andrea embarrassed so that her whole head turns bright red!


Andrea said...

aaww tara thanks so much. that is all so sweet. it's been amazing to be a part of you and your family for over FOUR years. crazy. thanks for teaching me what it means to be married to your best friend and how fantastic it is. you and chris are on my short list of marriages i want to emulate and your kids have a very special place in my heart. i love you all so very much and i'm going to miss you a TON. i think i'm just gonna have to drive up to peoria every now and then for dinner and to babysit... :)

Andrea said...

oh and yeah, carrie, i loved the "red" in taylor's acrostic too. so cute!