Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Return & Happy Easter

I love Easter. I love meditating on the power that comes in knowing and believing that Christ did indeed rise from the dead. Not only did He go to the cross to die as a perfect man for mine & your sins but he also conquered death for his children as well! Hallelujah what a Savior!

We have been reading the kids the Jesus Story Book Bible. Here's a section from the story on the resurrection that brings tears to my eyes. Mary has just found Jesus alive and was running to tell the others.

"And it seemed to her that morning, as she ran, almost as if the whole world had been made anew, almost as if the whole world was singing for joy- the tress, tiny sounds in the grass, the birds... her heart. Was God really making everything sad come untrue? Was he making even death come untrue? She couldn't wait to tell Jesus' friends."

Chris, Taylor & I just returned from a week in Maryland. Chris & I had our Pastor's & wives conference with Sovereign Grace. Taylor stayed with our old P.C. host family for the week and after the conference we all did a little D.C. sightseeing. It was an amazing week having our souls refreshed and meeting with others. The highlight was definitely spending the last day with our second family, the Dustins! We miss you guys already. If time permits I have much to write on in the upcoming weeks and plenty of pictures to edit and post as well! And since I just found out that I'm not moving for two more weeks I should have some time :)

*the above picture is of hannah's adorable bunny...with easter nearing I couldn't resist :)

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Awww cute bunny Adelee likes it.