Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taylor's Day In DC

We stayed an extra day in Maryland last week so we could take Taylor to D.C. This wasn't exactly her first time there but it's hard for her to remember back to when she was 2. The Dustin's were kind to drive us down there and brave finding parking. Not an easy thing to do but thankfully we were successful.

*you can double click a picture to make it bigger... some of these pics look much better in it's full form

First stop was the World War 2 monument. This is not a war we have talked about or covered at all. Honestly, it was just on the way to the Lincoln. Taylor saw the Arizona pillar and wanted a picture.

She also insisted of getting a picture of Washington for Aunt Jessica.

Washington Monument

Here's what happens when you give someone else your camera. Look how perfectly focused that monument is :)

Lincoln Monument steps

This is her "MOM... NO MORE PICTURES, THE SUN IS IN MY EYES" look. hehe.

Now here is someone we have spent a lot of time talking about this year.

She stood there and read the entire Gettysburg address aloud. It was a sweet moment.

After visiting the Lincoln we drove by the white house, sorry no pictures. We also drove by the theatre where Lincoln was shot and the house where he died. We then spent the next couple of hours in the American History Smithsonian Museum. That was a great experience. We saw a wonderful exhibit on Lincoln. I sense a pattern here. Not only had Taylor & I been studying about Lincoln in school but Chris has been reading a book on him called Team of Rivals. It was fun walking through it with Chris and hearing all the things he had been learning. We walked through some other exhibits on various people and things throughout history. I look forward to going back again one year with Taylor and seeing some of the other museums.

When we were done we took a little rest outside. It was such a beautiful day! Danny treated us all to something sweet.
Taylor got a yummy snow cone.

What did you get Chris?

Seriously a pink strawberry popsicle? You deserved all the mocking you that came your way :)

I didn't get many of the dustin kids in DC but I sure like this one!

We were so glad that the Dustin's joined us for our trip! Thanks so much guys for taking us! More to come on them later.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the pic of Washington! Love being reminded of Mr. Lincoln, need to think of him more often.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Taylor in front of the Washington Monument! And yes, it's dangerous to let others take the camera of you. But what can you do? You want to prove you were there too sometimes! :) Glad you had fun!

kiersten said...

We got the greatest Christmas card from some people in front of the Eiffle Tower one year but the tower was totally cut off and the entire picture was crooked. In their card they joked about using the one picture they had of them in front of the famous monument and how the person totally missed it. It was the best Christmas Card ever because it is so what happens! Now you have a great laugh every time you see the picture!