Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hobby Lobby

My friend has been telling me about this place called Hobby Lobby for quite some time now. I'd go to her house and say, "That's cute! Where did you get it?" She'd say, "Hobby Lobby". This happened a couple of times and I knew I had to check out it for myself. I finally went last week and was not disappointed. It's like Michael's meets TJ Max Home Goods store. Great prices, cute stuff. They have tons of picture frames, vinyl sayings, house decorations and then a crazy large section for unique crafts and such. And for those of you who sew. I loved their selection of fabrics!

For those of you in AZ and in the east valley they have a one at Greenfield & Baseline. It seems like they are new to AZ and I'm going to start lobbying (no pun intended) for one to go in the west valley! If you go make sure to check their website for coupons. The day I went I was able to print off a 40% one item coupon.


gin said...

great store!!! i love Hobby Lobby! just FYI, they are owned by christians...that is why they are closed on sundays!! (just like chick-fil-a) neat, huh?

ummKatherine said...

There is one in the West Valley. We had it here first, as a matter of fact! That's assuming the economy hasn't closed it down. Anyway, it's at 99th Ave. & McDowell. Happy crafting!

Brandy said...

I found a bunch of stuff in the west valley store after asking my friend Kim where she got a lot of cute stuff...sounds like we have a shopping trip in our future, Tara!