Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet the Dustins

The Dustin's have been our second family for quite some time now. They graciously, without even knowing us, invited us into their home to live the year we were at Pastor's College in Maryland. We came in as strangers and left as life long friends. To save money this year we need a place to stay for the Pastor's & wives conference. Guess who opened their home up to us? That's right! Although we hardly saw them the first couple of days we felt their presence. Chocolate on our pillows at night, coffee made and ready for us in the morning as well as some breads and muffins to take on the go. They even took in Taylor who slept with Hannah while we were there. We stayed an extra day so we could get some catch up time with them. We had fun in DC and after dinner the boys built a fire and we roasted marshmallow's for smore's. Chris brought a guitar out and we did some singing and a little storytelling around the campfire with a flashlight. Jacob, there second oldest had us in tears with his funny stories.

The kids also get a kick out of playing practical jokes on Mr. Chris. This week was no exception! Ryan, their youngest, is usually the mastermind. Liz made easter cookies with the kids and they took one of Taylor's that she made special for daddy and filled the frosting full of pure baking powder. After dinner one night Taylor offered us her special "mom" & "dad" cookies she made. Chris thought it was safe cause it was from Taylor... but one bite and well you get the picture. Taylor thought it was hilarious!

Before I left I snapped a few family photo's for them as a thank you for all there generosity! I'm being bold to put them on my blog, as they haven't even seen them yet :) Your CD is on the way friends!

Hannah & Taylor are adopted sisters. After Taylor threw up in her room the first night, way to welcome ourselves to their house huh, Hannah said, "Now I really feel like a big sister!" LOL. Yes Taylor has and will always consider you like a sister!

Oh and check out there blog. You have to read how they made maple syrup from there maple tress in the backyard! We got to take a bottle home and man was it good!

Miss you all!


God's Girl said...

Hi... Nice to meet you. Welcome to sunny Arizona! I am a local Pastor's wife as well and I love it here. I pray that you will too.

Praying that your move goes smoothly!

With love and prayers,

Tara said...

Thank you Julie! I appreciate you saying hi! I see we won't be to far from each other in the west valley. I look forward to meeting you one day!