Saturday, May 02, 2009

Feels Like Starting Over

Today is moving day.

No I'm not huddled in a corner with my little boxes refusing to move. But there have been a few tears this week as I've thought about leaving my hometown. Mostly at odd times. Like driving to sprouts the other day. Who knew driving to your local sprouts for one last time could make me cry? Or dropping my mom off at her house after storytime with the kids. Or sitting by my best friend watching a silly movie in the theater. But as I've processed the why we are going and the who we are going for, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love our little group of Grace Church people and count it such a tremendous blessing to do life and mission work with them. More than that I love the Lord. I've been bought with a price. The price of His shed blood. My life is not my own it is His to use as He sees fit. I do not live for this world but the world to come.

"And it feels like giving in
It feels like starting over
It feels like waking up, and you know it’s coming
It feels like a brand new day" jars of clay; two hands

Next time I'll be live from the west side.


Doug said...

My heart goes out to you. I am so proud of you. I look forward to the many trips we make to your new home. Let your friends know that the more often you make the drive the shorter it gets.


Bethany said...

I will be praying for you!!!! As someone that moved almost every three years growing up and who has made quite a few moves with her own family I know what you are going through. There are tough hard days but when you are in God's will you will see all the blessings that come with your move. Still sad. I remember CRYING my eyes out leaving the house my two boys were born in. I didn't want to sell it to an old grouchy lady because I wanted happy little kids running down the hall (we sold it to a sweet family) All that to say there will be tears and probably more to come but there will be new memories and experiences and friends. HUGS_

Rebekah said...

Praying for smooth sailing for you guys this weekend! And may you find new and unexpected things that you love about Peoria, that totally surprise and bless the socks off of you! And remember, West is always a great place to head! ;)

Much love,