Monday, May 25, 2009

One Week Away

We are a week from our church plant send off. In many ways it feels like we've already left but then sitting in church yesterday it hit me in a fresh way that we are only a week away from officially leaving the church we love. A week away from officially starting Grace Church.

It's been an amazing month so far in Peoria. Mark Driscoll says to be prepared to give up all hobbies when you plant a church. I've felt that already. Notice the lack of blog posts. I have had scarce time to edit photo's and it took us over a week to watch the LOST finale. Our house has been nothing but busy. New and old friendships are being built and man it's fun! We've had a couple community groups here and a few overnight guests. I guess you can say we've hit the ground running. There are however a few boxes that need unpacking. So give me a couple months before you go looking through my closet :)

For all the fears, doubts, insecurities I've had over the past year, I can honestly say that I couldn't be happier in Peoria. On a personal note I love this city, the community and the beautiful mountains that surround us. We've begun building with our neighbors and others we've meet along the way and I see God's grace everywhere as we do His kingdom work.

So for me you can say faith came in doing. Doubts are gone, fears are fought with scripture and there's now no looking back.

*picture taken by my friend Luz at Rio Vista, soon to be our church location


God's Girl said...

What a powerful truth...

*faith may come by doing.

Praying for you... the first year of a church plant is really busy but also exciting! I still have boxes to unpack from 3 years ago. LOL.

I love it here too! : )


CarrieLovesKeith said...

Wow Tara! That is just so encouraging! What a testimony to the work that God has done in you, that you are fighting fears and doubts, and are so happy with God's work in bringing you to Peoria! Keith and I are SO excited for you guys!