Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Church Location

Since moving to Peoria we've only come to more appreciate our church's location starting fall. It's such a beautiful park full of things to do with the family. Fishing, splashing, batting cages, sand volleyball, excellent barbecue locations, parks for the kids, lakes to walk around, baseball fields and the best part in my opinion, Starbucks! Come September this park will also host Grace Church on Sunday nights. This place is ALWAYS packed with hundreds of people and evangelism opportunities abound!

We were down there last night with the Pastor's & wives from Gilbert and I snapped a few quick shots:

Hopefully the Lord will fill those empty chairs with people who don't know the Lord for us to proclaim the gospel too!

Today this park leads the pack for Best Park in AZ! If you live in AZ, do us a favor and go vote for this park!


Deborah said...

How exciting! It is just so amazing how the Lord has done this, and provided in such amazing ways.

Jessica said...

Looks gorg, can't wait to see it in person some day.


Sarah Dawn said...

Delighted to meet you! Just found your blog via another site. We're in AZ right now too, well for 4 more days til we head back home to the rain on the mission field. I hope you don't mind, I'll be splashin' around a bit over here to get to know you more.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn