Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trevor Walking/Falling Down the Aisle

Yesterday we had the privilege of watching our friend and wonderful babysitter of our children get married. Chris officiated the wedding and Trevor was the ring bearer. Anna thank you for the giving us the opportunity to take part in your special day and well hopefully after watching this video you won't regret it.

I learned yesterday that Trevor doesn't like the spotlight. I'm not sure who's child he is but after practicing numerous times with success there was one factor we forgot to add. Lots of people. Trevor turned the corner and well... you can watch for yourself. (Video compliments of Jeff McFadden)

Some thought he tripped, poor thing they said, but make no mistake this was on purpose. He told me later he was trying to hide.

At least he looked adorable!

Trevor and the groom

Like father like son... sort of, Chris didn't try to hide

Anna looking stunning!

Anna and the kids the night before... Trevor was oh so happy that I stopped his game to get a picture

Anna is moving to Texas with her husband after their honeymoon. Anna we are so excited for you new life but know you will be missed greatly!


CarrieLovesKeith said...

He was trying to hide?! HAHAHAHAHA!

Deborah said...

Oh that is the most adorable thing! Why didn't we think of asking him to be the ring bearer for Zach and Janelle?? He's such a cutie. I love Jonathan's "safe" move.

Brandy said...

What a handsome little dude you guys have!! This was some good insight given Ethan will be a "groomsman" in our babysitter's wedding next month. Too much drama, so they decided no attendants, only little ones...hopefully Ethan looks as handsome in a tux!!!