Friday, September 26, 2008

Trevor is not so P.C.

I've been taking the kids to a nursing home/assisted living place for a couple of months now. We help with their ice cream social on Saturday's. Usually it's Taylor and I taking order and scooping up ice cream but Trevor was in a rather unusual mood this afternoon and couldn't wait to "serve others" as I try to prepare them ahead of time. So he goes over to this table of about four elderly people and politely asks what kind of flavor this gentleman would like. I see the man respond and Trevor turns back around and yells, "Mom the OLD MAN wants chocolate!" Thankfully those who were able to hear him thought it was pretty funny and weren't offended. I've since prepped him on the politically correct response :-)

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Brandy said...

I guess it's the age, or maybe bad parenting :~), but Ethan was pointing and talking loudly about someone's "funny hair" when we were at IHOP with my whole family. Although I too thought it strange to see such a large mohawk on a guy holding his baby daughter, I had to keep trying to talk over him and say, "Oh yeah, Ethan they have a baby too...cute." as we were leaving. So, I colored my hair dark red this weekend and Ethan says, "I like your funny hair. No, I like it, it's pretty. It's not nice to say people have funny hair. Right, Mommy?" Is that an improvement? Not sure!