Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nancy Drew Party- Invitations

So I'll be honest I flat out took this idea from this blog. I also found this idea on another blog that I really liked but in the end I let Taylor pick. And being that I had a short amount of time to pull it off I'm glad she decided to go with the first idea.

Taylor enjoyed the process of picking out Nancy Drew character names to give her friends for the day of the party. A theme we carried into the party itself.

Taylor cut out the letters for the ransom note and painted with lemon juice on the cards to create the secret password.

We put the folders in white manila envelopes and I printed out labels with the girls name and also some red "TOP SECRET" tags that we glued to the front.

If you choose to go with this sort of invitation/theme for a birthday party be prepared for it to come with high expectations from the guests :) I heard from mom after mom how excited their girls were and that each were researching their character's name and searching for the most perfect Nancy Drew like outfit! I'm not sure what kind of response I expected but I had very little plan for this party short of getting the invitations out so this type of response put me in high gear planning mode for the party! Next up... decorations!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun theme for a party!